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"Moon Pie," Simon Mason
(David Fickling Books; $13.25)
Best for ages 10 and up
Rating 5 smiles

?Moon Pie" is the story of a girl, Martha, whose life is spun in different directions by her father whose addicted to drinking. In this book Martha must take the risk of trying to be an adult to protect her little brother Tug. She does all she can to make things better. But soon realizes this is not her battle. Her and her brother are soon not allowed to see their dad so they?re taken to their grandpa and grandma?s house. Soon after Martha and Tug want to return to their dad. Make sure you read this story to find out what happens. ?Moon Pie? is a very heart-touching book. Most scenes are very deep and emotional. I recommend because it is very thrilling and spectacular.
-- Natasha Magee, Kidsday Reporter, age 10, Medford (March 19, 2012)
(Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly)

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