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Web sightings: Locating adoptable pets

Petfinder.com is a great place to start to Petfinder.com is a great place to start to get an idea of animals awaiting placement. Photo Credit: Handout

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Thinking about adding a new nonhuman member to your household? Adopting a rescued animal can be tremendously fulfilling for both you and your new pet. To get an idea of animals awaiting placement, Petfinder is a great place to start.

The website, which is updated daily, currently lists more than 375,000 animals seeking new homes from nearly 14,000 adoption groups.

Although the majority of the site's listings are for dogs and cats, you also can search for rabbits, rodents, horses, amphibians, birds, pigs and barnyard animals.

Shelters from the United States, Canada and Mexico post potential adoptees here, but you can narrow your search by ZIP code, the type of animal you desire, its breed, age, size and gender. You also can search for shelters in your vicinity by clicking the Shelters & Rescues tab.

An average listing usually provides the animal's photo, name, breed, sex, size, approximate age, a small description and information such as whether it has been spayed or neutered, if its shots are up to date and whether it has issues with children or other animals. There also is phone or email contact information for the organization that has the animal.

Petfinder has forums, species-specific care information and tips on volunteering with animals or fostering them.

SITE petfinder.com

DESCRIPTION Adoption central for dogs, cats and other creatures

TARGET AUDIENCE Adults and families

BOTTOM LINE Open your heart and house to a rescued animal

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