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Give the widowed respites from grief

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Ask Amy Amy Dickinson, Ask Amy

Amy Dickinson is a general advice columnist.

DEAR AMY: Over two years ago my wife of 20 years (and my companion of 30) died of ALS, one of the worst ways to go. Death is not a Hollywood movie, and people are not at their best, but I was there for my wife to the end. She died in my arms. My immediate, misguided reaction was to ask to be left alone to grieve. That was a big mistake, which I corrected as I found an empty house, and world, overwhelming. What surprised me was who stepped up and who didn't. Many friends just disappeared -- some despite pleasant words at the memorial service or promises on sympathy cards. Now, having connected with my veterans -- those who have lost spouses -- I think that I may know some of the reasons why. I hope you will share this with your readers. A widower or widow represents to another couple the absolute certainty that they or their spouse will be in the same boat one day. You are an unwelcome reminder -- a mortician at a birthday party. Also, couples are sometimes threatened by a person who is suddenly single. This is so insulting. Some people just don't know what to do. And for them, I have some advice: Life for the surviving spouse is a matter of getting through first the minutes, then the hours, then the days, then the weeks, the months and finally the years. We don't necessarily need deep talk. We need an empathetic offer of company, a meal, film, a walk. A diversion from grief is what we need, quite literally, to make it to another day. Just offer a respite, a diversion from pain, even for a little while. And if you really offer it and follow through, you will never be forgotten.--Widowed in Bethesda

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DEAR WIDOWED: Anyone who has survived personal losses and experienced grief understands the wisdom of your recommendations. A grieving person needs to figure out how to be in the world in a new way -- and a true friend will offer a gentle presence through a very tender time.

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