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"In Lynbrook, the traffic light on Broadway at Sunrise Highway does not have left-turn arrows for north or southbound traffic, and it's always a challenge to make a left. The intersection is especially busy between 7 and 8:30 a.m. and 2 and 3 p.m. because the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center and Lynbrook High School are nearby. The train station is also at this intersection and pedestrians cross to get to the train at all hours of the day. I've seen numerous close calls."

-- Bernadette Pender, Lynbrook

We have good news: One left-turn arrow has been installed and a second is under consideration.

Pender sent a letter to the state Department of Transportation last year asking if left-turn arrows could be added. But when a full year passed without any update, she told Watchdog she feared the issue had been "brushed aside."

In late August, DOT spokeswoman Eileen Peters told us the department had completed a traffic study and, as a result, planned to install a left-turn arrow on Broadway for southbound drivers turning left onto Sunrise Highway. She said the work would likely be done in the fall.

Days later Pender notified us the arrow was already up and working. "I couldn't believe it; the turn signal was added!" she wrote in an email.

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Peters said another study is underway to gauge if there's a need for a left-turn arrow for northbound drivers.

"NYSDOT engineers are currently analyzing data, including delays and accident history, to determine whether it's safe and appropriate to install a left-turn arrow for northbound Broadway motorists who wish to turn left onto Sunrise Highway (NY Route 27)," she said in a statement. "This study should be completed by late fall 2013."

Long Islanders with traffic safety concerns involving state roads can call 631-952-6020.




Watchdog gets many requests seeking elimination of old utility poles -- some leaning, others merely annoying because they remain even though new poles are in place nearby. Here are two that got our attention recently:

Matthew Zeidman of New Hyde Park asked for help getting rid of a broken pole at the corner of Herricks Road and Shelter Rock Road.

"It was damaged during superstorm Sandy and is completely cracked and splintered at its base," he wrote. "Because of its proximity to a nearby park and a busy roadway, it is a serious danger to pedestrians and motorists. I reported the issue to LIPA several weeks ago, but no action has been taken."

The broken pole was removed just a few days after we contacted Verizon; by then, the company's wires were the only ones still attached to the pole.

"I can't tell you what the history on this pole has been, but all third party 'tenants' " -- lines and equipment belonging to other companies -- "have been moved off," company spokesman John Bonomo said in a Sept. 3 email. The pole was removed the next day.

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In general, LIPA has been responsible for installing telephone poles across Long Island these days, and Verizon is removing them, Bonomo told us.

Long Island residents with Verizon-related issues can call 1-800-VERIZON.