THE BRONX - A new program announced today at Jacobi Medical Center aims to link up gang members with former gang members to try to get them off the streets.

With the SNUG program, which is guns spelled backwards, officials hope to halt talk of revenge in the halls of waiting rooms and emergency rooms before it becomes action.

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State Sen. Jeff Klein secured $300,000 to hire former gang members and prisoners to get out into the streets and talk to kids who may be headed down the wrong path.

They'll be called “violence interrupters,” and will be akin to a neighborhood mentor. They'll meet with gun victims and their friends at Jacobi Medical Center to make sure that any talk of retaliation is just that— talk.

So-called interrupters are already in places like Buffalo and Yonkers. Mentors hit the streets late at night or early in the morning, when gangs tend to operate. 

The Bronx mentors haven't yet been hired, but organizers hope to get them on the streets near the end of the summer.