MLB All-Star Game apples hit New York City

All-Star Game apple outside Citi Field. #ndallstar

All-Star Game apple outside Citi Field. #ndallstar (Credit: Instagram user nick_klopsis)

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In celebration of the 2013 All-Star Game at Citi Field, Major League Baseball is bringing back an old fan favorite -- the All-Star apples.

Here's the deal: There are 35 apples -- 30 team-specific apples, one All-Star Game apple, one American League apple, one National League apple, a Brooklyn Dodgers apple and a New York Giants apple -- located at various landmarks throughout New York City.

It's not the first time that baseball has done this All-Star promotion. The apples graced New York City in 2008, when the Yankees hosted the All-Star Game.

We at Newsday have decided to save you the time searching for each apple. That's why we created a handy interactive map of where each All-Star apple is located, with cross streets and the corresponding landmark.

But it doesn't stop there. Find your favorite team's apple, take an Instagram picture and add the hashtag #ndallstar to see your photo appear in our All-Star Game apple photo gallery.

Happy hunting!

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