Sweet Fancy Moses, the judges will never have it so easy as they did this week. With my returning to work on Wednesday, we had only a few days' worth of blog posts - and responses - to mix it up.

Without further ado...

The bronze goes to Islander505, who incorporates some Steven Wright and some Henny Youngman in pondering:

If John Smoltz and Josh Foggcombined to pitch a no-hitter against the Dodgers....would the headline read "Smogg blankets LA"?

The silver goes to Jim, who took my bait about the Bud Selig statue and produced an expected gem:

I guess if Selig is getting a statue in Milwaukee after basically running the team into the ground numerous times over a three-decade period and being responsible for a whole host of ills in the sport, there is still a chance that Richard Nixon will end up on Mount Rushmore.

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And the gold goes to Richie G., for offering a contrarian take on the Mets:

Are the Mets and Omar getting killed a little too much by everyone? I mean, there were three premium FAs at the start of the offseason, and the Mets got one of them.

They didn't overpay for a catcher, and yes, they should have gotten a decent-to-crappy starter. Don't get me wrong, I think the Bay signing is going to be worse than the Marquis not-signing, but I think the majority of Met fans are too obsessed over not getting a decent pitcher. It was a mistake, but not that grevious of one.

--Self-promotion alert: I'll be on WFAN, with Richard Neer, tomorrow morning at 9:05.