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And the Oscars go to...

oscars.jpgI thought Jon Stewart did the best hosting job since Billy Crystal's prime, and the speeches were quite memorable. Not sure I'd want the Coen brothers as the co-general managers of a baseball team. Don't think they'd divulge much.

So who would win the baseball equivalents of the Oscars, looking back at the last year? Let's give it a shot, in the order the awards were distributed last night:

Costume design: Whoever chose the Diamondbacks' new colors. They're not great uniforms, but they're a huge upgrade over these.

Animated feature: The Brewers' "Great Sausage Race." The best in-game feature anywhere.

Film editing: Ever see when SNY will winnow down a Mets broadcast to an hour? I like that.

Makeup: David Eckstein. Everyone, including J.P. Ricciardi in my Sunday Insider, is always discussing how great Eckstein's makeup is. It must be great, since you can't even notice it when you look at his face.

Visual effects: Ryan Howard. His majestic homers are right out of Hollywood.

Art direction: The design for the Rays' new ballpark. Looks pretty cool.

Live-action short: Mark Sweeney's appearances. The veteran, now with Joe Torre's Dodgers, usually hits just once a game, but he's a great pinch-hitter.

Animated short film: The Lake Erie midges' attack of Joba Chamberlain and the Yankees. If it wasn't technically a cartoon, it sure seemed like one.

Supporting actor: Yankees president Randy Levine, for his "I loved Joe Torre and will miss him dearly" monologue, after Torre turned down the Yankees' one-year offer last October.

Supporting actress: Debbie Clemens, who backed up her husband's account that she went behind The Rocket's back and received an HGH injection from Brian McNamee. Oy, the things we do for love.

Adapted screenplay: The 2007 Mets, for their remake of the 1964 Phillies.

Sound editing: The Chicago television stations that always have to be on their toes when it comes to post-game news conferences from profane managers Ozzie Guillen and Lou Piniella.

Sound mixing: The reaction in AT&T Park last August 7, when Barry Bonds passed Hank Aaron as the all-time home run king. No matter the morality, it was pretty great to hear the thunderous ovation.

Lead actress: Dodgers vice president and chairman Jamie McCourt. Just because she's the most prominent woman in a baseball front office. And we'd like to see more women get such chances.

Foreign language: Daisuke Matsuzaka's and Hideki Okajima's crucial contributions to the Red Sox's second World Series title in four years.

Original song: This brilliant tribute to the Braves' Mark Teixeira.

Cinematography: The Rockies' Matt Holliday's "Not sure if I touched it" slide into home plate that put Colorado in the playoffs.

Original score: Rangers 30, Orioles 3.

Let's skip the documentaries. Can't think of anything.

Original screenplay: Paul Lo Duca, for his notes to Kirk Radomski, featured in The Mitchell Report.

Lead actor: Roger Clemens, of course, for a performance so masterful that he believes himself, as Tom Verducci explains here.

Directing: Indians GM Mark Shapiro, for the series of moves that rebuilt Cleveland into a contender.

Best picture: "Superbad." The only baseball tie-in is that I watched it (and didn't charge it on the company's dime) in my hotel room during the general managers' meetings. But I do think that McLovin, after he earns his degree from Dartmouth, would make a fine GM.

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