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Bud Selig, the NL MVP, Tim Lincecum and the Twins

Quiet last few days in baseball, eh? Things should pick up this week, especially once Wednesday's deadline to accept arbitration passes.

--For my Sunday Insider, I wrote about Bud Selig, the NL MVP, Tim Lincecum and the Twins. Didn't have a chance to write much about the NL MVP the day it occurred, because that was the day Major League Baseball held its news conference to announce the new collective bargaining agreement. But I disagreed with the outcome.

--If anything breaks today, I'll be on it like white on rice on a paper plate in a snowstorm. Otherwise, I'll next see you (at least, I plan to next see you) a week from today, when I'll arrive in Dallas for the winter meetings.

--Have a great day.