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Contest: MLB Bloopers

That's right. The DVD is called "MLB Bloopers: Baseball's Best Blunders." Why not? It's good for a couple of chuckles.

It's not like I'm asking you to pay for it.

To the contrary, I'll give my copy to the first person who e-mails me - at - with the correct answer to this question:

One featured "blooper" on this DVD is Tommy Lasorda's famous tumble at the 2001 All-Star Game. Lasorda stepped down from the Dodgers' managing job in 1996, only to be invited by his protege - NL manager Bobby Valentine - to coach third base. Hilarity ensued.

Who was the Dodgers' starting pitcher for Lasorda's first game as a major-league manager?

Here are the rules to the contest.

--UPDATE, 12:29 p.m.: We have a winner! Brian knew that Rick Sutcliffe started for Tommy Lasorda's Dodgers on September 29, 1976, Lasorda's managerial debut. Stop by tomorrow for another chance to win some free crap.

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