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Johan Santana, Zack Wheeler, Phil Hughes and Chris Carpenter

Johan Santana's fourth Grapefruit League start went well, and at this point, it's certainly fair to suspend your suspension of disbelief (does that make sense?), at least a little, and wonder whether Santana can actually be a productive member of this Mets starting rotation.

Santana himself has seemed the most skeptical person of all. That isn't a bad thing; he won't let the Mets push him to places he shouldn't go, physically. But goodness, if Santana could give the Mets something like a 110 ERA+ over 150 innings, that would go a long way toward making the club less awful.

--Zack Wheeler is the latest Met to suffer an injury.

--Phil Hughes pitched well, again, and it's evident that he'll make the Yankees' starting rotation, relegating Freddy Garcia to a long relief role and - if everyone stays healthy - making Garcia a serious trade candidate if Andy Pettitte can work his way back. 

--Bad news for the Cardinals, whose ace Chris Carpenter might be affected by nerve damage. I still think St. Louis has to be the favorite in the NL Central thanks to the return of Adam Wainwright and the fact that Roy Oswalt would love to join them.

--Have a great day.

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