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The terrible message the Mets sent to their fans

Billy Wagner

Billy Wagner

When the Bernie Madoff case blew open last December, and we wondered how the Mets would function due to the Wilpons' losses, I requested that we all wait and see how things play out before rendering judgment.

Well, I think things have played out long enough. The Billy Wagner trade is the strongest evidence yet that the Mets are prioritizing cash savings over building a deep organization.

This isn't even a "salary dump." That term applies to players who have zero or little value. No, this is a value dump.

If the Mets had paid Wagner $3.5 million to stick around, then offered him arbitration in December, they could've recouped two high draft picks for a farm system desperately in need of quality inventory.

If they had shipped Wagner to Boston along with his salary, then the Red Sox surely would've given up a good prospect or two.

Instead, it's evident that the Mets will receive two non-prospects. Jon Heyman mentioned, on Twitter, that the Boston Herald reported that Chris Carter could go to the Mets; I can't find that on the Herald's Web site, but look at Carter. He turns 27 next month. That's not a prospect. That's a Hail Mary pass.

I linked to Mike Vaccaro's column yesterday, and I think it bears repeating: If this is the way the Mets are going to operate, then it could help their standing if they simply admit that they are hurting financially. Rather than say everything is fine, and then act like everything isn't fine.

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