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Very quick hits: David Ortiz, Omar Minaya and some trade rumblings

David Ortiz

David Ortiz

Well, this isn't exactly a shocker, right? What are the ramifications? I don't know. Are there any at this point, really? I don't think Ortiz was a serious candidate to be in the Hall of Fame, anyway.

But once again: Should we just release the entire list of positive results from the 2003 survey tests? Of course not. If Michael S. Schmidt of the New York Times wants to keep digging up these names, then he should go to town. But these players are having their rights violated by the people who are giving up this information.

--Omar Minaya apologized, again, to Adam Rubin. But the damage is done, of course. I don't think the Mets have to make the playoffs to save Minaya's job. A winning record, and relevant games in September, sure would make it easier for the Wilpons to keep him.

--Just spoke to an official from an NL club who talked about "buyers turning into sellers, and sellers into buyers" over the last 48 hours. The Marlins definitely fall into the latter category; they are reportedly working hard to acquire Heath Bell. The Rays might, as well.

The Mariners? It's still unclear precisely what they are. I spoke with an official who knows Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik well, and this official predicted, based on the trade that sent Ian Snell and Jack Wilson to the AL West, that the Mariners would hold onto Jarrod Washburn and keep going for a playoff spot.

The Brewers are no longer in on Washburn.


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