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Weekend predictions and ruminations

frinili.jpg1. The Mets, locked in a dogfight with the Phillies, will take two of three games from the Marlins. Oddly, on Saturday morning _ hours before his start _ Mike Pelfrey will further increase his workload by participating in a lobster-eating contest at Joe's Stone Crab. "It was my idea," Jerry Manuel will say. "I told you there would be some damage to some folks in order to achieve our goals."

2. The Yankees will close out their homestand by dropping two of three games to the Blue Jays. Tonight Carl "American Idle" Pavano will allow five runs in 3 2/3 innings tonight, his first Yankee Stadium start since 2007 Opening Day, and Yankees fans will struggle with a difficult decision: Whom to boo more, Pavano or A-Rod?

3. Here is my column on Brian Cashman. Look, by virutally any measure, this has been an extremely disappointing season for the Yankees. But it's clear that Cashman has a plan. Will that plan work? Beats me. But it's a better plan than the 2002-05 idea of "Let's throw money at every player we can, and in the rare instance when we have a good prospect, let's trade him!"

The plan deserves another year to flesh itself out, and Cashman is clearly going to get that opportunity if he wants it.

4. I enjoyed that Hank Steinbrenner publicly proclaimed the Yankees' interest in CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett. If you're wondering whether this constitutes tampering, the answer is no, because such a sentiment is tampering only if it's spoken by someone who would actually have a role in recruiting the free agents.

5. Since we've been living in Newsday territory for two weeks, my son is actually reading the newspaper, which is nice. And many of you will surely be pleased to know that he is now referring to the Yankees' third baseman as "A-Flop."

Have a great holiday weekend, and thanks to the IMDb for the photo.

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