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Bud Selig's pain tolerance and the Wilpons

So the Mets took out another loan recently - good job by The New York Times - and their money problems are reaching a level of absurdity, are they not?

The Mets, in confirming the loan, said in their statement that “The process for the sale of minority shares in the team continues to go very well." As if that's going to assuage anyone at this point.

What's saving the Wilpons and...

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What's next? Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and the Yankees

PRINCE FIELDER First base, Milwaukee Brewers 2011: .299,

(Credit: MCT)

The winter meetings is supposed to serve as the Hot Stove League's climax. We work our way up to that week, we have a flood of transactions during the meetings and then we ramp down for the holidays, building up toward spring training when the new year arrives.

This year? It was pretty close to that, when you consider that Albert Pujols (Angels), Jose Reyes (Miami) and C.J. Wilson (Angels)...

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More on Ryan Braun

OK, after a few phone calls, some time to think and finding someone to take my ticket to today's Jets game, let's tackle this story in greater detail:

1. This is the first time that such a big name's failed drug test became public well before the matter's resolution. Good job by ESPN. But now we're going to have to wait a while.

My understanding is we probably won't have a final verdict...

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The Ryan Braun story and winter meetings winners and losers

By now, you surely know that Ryan Bruan has failed a test for illegal performance-enhancing drugs and is appealing the ruling. 

Braun's spokesman, Matthew Hiltzik, gave me the same statement this morning that he gave to ESPN yesterday.

Not much to discuss at the moment, but this surely will be a big story for a while. We'll talk about it more as more information comes in.


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Comment Winter Olympics: Bobby Valentine, Jose Reyes and Albert Pujols

Well, it was a busy week for me at the winter meetings, and a busy week for commenting, as well. Which is a great thing, no matter how much work that meant for the judges.

So without further ado, here are your medalists:

--The bronze goes to Islander505, who, when informed that I attended Bobby Valentine's news conference at Fenway Park, reacted thusly: How was the chicken? Regular...

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The Angels sign Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson

Good Lord.

The Wilson deal, we saw coming. Pujols? Not so much.

I heard some rumblings about the Angels on Tuesday, but by that time, it seemed like the Pujols Derby was down to the Cardinals and Marlins. And besides, would the Angels - the trailers in recent Hot Stove sweepstakes - really go all out to sign this guy?

The Pujols deal is, of course, crazy. How anyone besides St....

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Jose Reyes, Yu Darvish, Jon Niese, Hiroyuki Nakajima, Jeff Luhnow and Bobby Valentine

Just some quick hits this morning, as we have the Rule 5 draft. When that's done, all of the team officials sprint out of the hotel to make their flights.

I'm scheduled to fly out later tonight, so I should have time to post a wrap-up in the afternoon.

--Here's my column on Jose Reyes, who clearly and understandably was hurt by the way the Mets conducted themselves over the last couple...

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The Mets' moves, the Yankees' non-moves and Albert Pujols - and there's a live chat today

You'd better believe there's a live chat this morning. Live from Dallas. 11:00 Eastern time, 10:00 Dallas time. Are you fired up? Do you have good questions? How badly do you want to win the Live Chat MVP?

So given that there isn't much time before then, let's keep it brief and basic this morning:

--The Mets made a flurry of moves yesterday. Here's my take on them.

--The Yankees,...

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The Marlins' pursuit of Albert Pujols - and there's a live chat tomorrow

St. Louis Cardinals' Albert Pujols reacts after Game

(Credit: AP)

Here's my proposed gameplan for the 2012 Mets, who will likely begin the season with David Wright aboard. Terry Collins addressed life without Jose Reyes.

The Yankees are indeed interested in Hiroki Kuroda.

Congratulations to the late Ron Santo, a worthy addition to the Hall of Fame. While the Veterans Committee would never admit such a thing, there had to be pressure to elect someone...

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Jose Reyes to the Marlins

Jose Reyes (7) of the New York Mets

(Credit: Getty Images)

Sure, there have been a few blips during the last 12 months when we thought, "Hey, Jose Reyes might actually stay with the Mets." But we usually snapped back to our senses quickly, and now, once he passes a physical, Reyes will be a Marlin.

Here's my take, in which I contend that the Mets' recent history of incompetence failed to give them the benefit of the doubt on this decision...

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