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Comment Winter Olympics: The Mets, the Oscars and Ryan Braun

The judges always appreciate good banter and good insight, and we had plenty of both this past week.  Here are your medalists: The bronze goes to Sandy. I know Sandy tries to play it cool, but I get the sense, from comments like this one, that he doesn't like the Mets' owners: The only way to get rid of the Mets' current regime, since they claim to not know (but really don't...

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Offseason winners and losers: National League

On the heels of yesterday's American League review, let's slide over to the National League: WINNERS

1. Cincinnati. The Reds went for it, trading for Mat Latos and signing Ryan Madson to a great contract. The price for Latos might be too high, but it's a good risk. 2. St. Louis. I never thought it would be possible for the Cardinals to lose Albert Pujols and land in this column, yet St....

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Offseason winners and losers: American League

Yes, it's that time of year. There still are some interesting names out there on the free-agent market, but it's time to assess who did what. As always, we divide our teams (let's do just the American League today) into four categories: Winners, winners with downside, losers with upside and losers. Here we go: WINNERS

1. Tampa Bay. As usual. The Rays didn't give up any of their pitching...

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Looking back at my free-agent predictions

By my parameters, a Hot Stove League hasn't officially concluded until the future of every Type A free agent has been resolved. This year, the last man standing was Roy Oswalt, and his resolution was to leave things unresolved. He's going the Roger Clemens/Pedro Martinez route and market himself as an in-season acquisition. If he's willing to go somewhere besides St. Louis or Texas, then he should...

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Fred Wilpon and Terry Collins

Mets owner Fred Wilpon and Mets co-owner Saul

(Credit: Newsday/Alejandra Villa)

Greetings from Port St. Lucie, spring-training home of your New York Mets. I lucked into a good first day, as principal owner Fred Wilpon spoke while the team took the field for its first full-squad workout. He didn't offer much new, besides some details on the four-percent shares they are trying to sell (and perhaps will actually finalize someday). Otherwise, he pledged that his family would own...

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And the Oscars go to...

Oh, how I wanted last night's Oscars to be entertaining. Oy, that went out the window once I saw Billy Crystal's hair color. What was up with that? In any case, the boredom from last night won't halt our annual tradition of the baseball Oscars. As always, we present these in the order they were presented last night, and we skip the documentaries. Cinematography: Robinson Cano, who managed to transform...

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Comment Winter Olympics: Mariano Rivera, Gary Carter and Bobby Valentine

As I drove around the state, switching from hotel to hotel, the judges worked diligently to find three award-winning comments. Here they are: --The bronze goes to FLong, who offered his or her two cents on Mariano Rivera's likely  retirement after this season: If Mariano retires, the Yanks should use Soriano as the closer in 2013. Soriano has already been successful in...

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The Ryan Braun ruling

In a word, hilarious. Hilarious that this monumental case, which occupied so much space in the yakosphere (trademark Neil Best) for the past two and a half months, was decided by a urine sample collector's failure to appreciate that most FedEx/Kinko's branches are open late. To clarify: When I write "hilarious," I don't think it's a miscarriage of justice by independent arbitrator Shyam...

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Phil Hughes and Ruben Tejada - and there's a live chat today

New York Mets second baseman Ruben Tejada #11

(Credit: Christopher Pasatieri)

I have some early, long travel this morning, and then we'll catch up at 3:00 for the live chat. So, very briefly: --Here's my column on Phil Hughes, from whom the Yankees want a big improvement from last year. --Hank Steinbrenner, who is not at all involved with the running of the Yankees, spoke about the team. --Terry Collins complained that Ruben Tejada is not yet in camp, even though he isn't...

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The Mets' investors and David Aardsma - and there's a live chat tomorrow


(Credit: AP Photo)

First of all: Where will I be 24 hours from now? Live chatting, that's where. You can sign up for an e-mail reminder right on this page. --Quiet day at Yankees camp. Derek Jeter told a few reporters, including Newsday's Erik Boland, that he knew what Mariano Rivera intends to do after this season - but he wouldn't spill the beans. Look, at this point, we can all safely assume that this'll be it...

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