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The Yankees' payroll, Ryan Braun, Barry Bonds, Jimmy Rollins and Mat Latos

For my Sunday Insider, I wrote about the Yankees' future payroll plans, as well as some other Yankees tidbits and some brief thoughts on Ryan Braun, Barry Bonds and C.J. Wilson.

I didn't have a chance to check in since Bonds' sentencing on Friday, but how about the performance of U.S. Attorney Matthew Parrella? In trying to convince U.S. District Judge Susan Illston that  Bonds deserved...

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Phil Hughes, Lucas Duda and Barry Bonds

At the Yankees' loss to the Red Sox, I wrote that the Yankees should keep Phil Hughes in their rotation and eject A.J. Burnett as soon as possible.

I just don't see the point in retaining Burnett. Even if he threw a shutout every time between now and the end of the regular season - and that ain't happening, anyway - would you really feel confident about him taking the ball in a playoff start?...

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Alex Rodriguez, Stephen Strasburg and Barry Bonds

Greetings from an absolutely beautiful night at Fenway. I had a long drive from the Hamptons to here, but gosh, did I enjoy taking the ferry from Orient Point to New London. Really cool, and the ideal day to sit outside on a large boat and enjoy a breathtaking view.

Just a few quick things, as we're getting close to first pitch:

--Derek Jeter is in the Yankees' starting lineup tonight,...

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Catching up: Irene, Derek Jeter, Jose Reyes and Jim Thome

Greetings, everyone. Thoughts and prayers to any and all of you who were impacted by Irene. 

I ordinarily pay less attention to action during my vacation week, and of course, that went double this time, what with pretty much everyone focused on other matters. So let's get up to date on the largest matters of the past nine days.

First of all, just one change in the playoff brackets:


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