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Freddy Garcia, Jesus Montero, the Red Sox, the races and Jose Reyes

We have new playoff brackets:

AL: Yankees (1) vs. Detroit (3), Texas (2) vs. Boston (4)

NL: Philadelphia (1) vs. Arizona (3), Milwaukee (2) vs. Atlanta (4)

Thoughts: The Rangers' victory over Seattle, combined with Detroit's loss to Baltimore, flip-flopped the AL's two and three seeds. And it begs the question for the Yankees: Whom would they rather face?

Your first reaction...

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Red Sox-Yankees rainout notes

Greetings from a wet Yankee Stadium. Thankfully, the game has been called, given the horrible forecast, and there'll be a day-night doubleheader on Sunday.

I spent some time in the Red Sox clubhouse, and it was pretty empty, but those around didn't show too much concern with their behavior. Dustin Pedroia, always lively, talked trash to a pair of diminutive Latino reporters who were hanging...

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Bartolo Colon, Jorge Posada, Russell Martin, Chris Capuano and Manny Ramirez

After Bartolo Colon's start last night, it's more evident than ever that his tank is on E, isn't it? Gosh. What do you do with him? See if he can help out of the bullpen for the playoffs? Just thank him and wish him luck in the upcoming WWE season?

At this point, the Yankees' best choice for a Game 3 starting pitcher seems to be... Phil Hughes? If he gets healthy. Game 4, for the second round?...

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Jose Reyes, Ruben Tejada, A.J. Burnett and wild-card race updates

Good story by David Lennon on Jose Reyes and Ruben Tejada, who will work out together this winter even though they might not be teammates anymore next year.

Not much more to say on the Reyes front right now. The 22 non-playoff teams will take October to start formulating gameplans for the winter - and even the eight playoff teams will multi-task - and we'll see how strong the market is for...

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The Yankees' bullpen, Daniel Herrera and the September slumber

At the Yankees' victory over Toronto, I wrote about the Yankees' bullpen, which was counted on to be excellent and has lived up to those expectations, albeit with some different names than originally anticipated.

--Joe Girardi stayed mum about his plans for the team's starting rotation, regarding whether A.J. Burnett or Phil Hughes gets thrown overboard. Girardi did say, however, that the...

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Jim Hendry, Francisco Rodriguez, Aaron Laffey and Freddy Garcia

Greetings from Citi Field. I think all the travel this week got to me. I'm coughing and sneezing like I'm tributing Mr. Lippman in this "Seinfeld" episode.

Just a few things:

--The Cubs fired general manager Jim Hendry, an expected move and the right one. Hendry had his shot, as he himself said, and it makes sense that (essentially) second-year owner Tom Ricketts wants...

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Alex Rodriguez, Ivan Nova, the playoff schedule and the alleged Blue Jays' sign-stealers

Greetings from a pleasant night at the Stadium. Just a few items on the docket:

--Alex Rodriguez, rehabilitating down in Tampa, remains on track to play Friday in a minor-league game, and Joe Girardi said that A-Rod should be able to join the Yankees on their road trip next week, starting Monday in Kansas City. Interestingly, though, Girardi said he would guess that A-Rod would not be ready...

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Perception or reality? The gritty Mets, bad Mariano Rivera and unreliable A.J. Burnett

Sorry for the tardiness this morning.

Yes, it's time to play "Perception or reality?" when we take a look at certain items of discussion in the yakosphere (trademark Neil Best) and determine whether these items are actually occurring or whether they've been manufactured to appear to be something they aren't.

Now please welcome your host, Wink Martindale.

1. "These...

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A big Yankees win, another Mets loss, a Phillies-Giants brawl and deer antler spray

First of all, here are your new playoff brackets:

AL: Yankees (1) vs. Detroit (3), Texas (2) vs. Boston (4)

NL: Philadelphia (1) vs. San Francisco (3), Milwaukee (2) vs. Atlanta (4).

Thoughts: Yeah, the Yankees have the top seed at the moment, which begs this question for Yankees fans: Would you rather have homefield advantage in the Division Series and face the Tigers, who have...

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The Yankees' starting pitching dilemma

Greetings from Fenway Park. It's good to be here after a nearly four-month hiatus.

The big item of discussion here is what the Yankees will do, moving forward with their starting rotation. Joe Girardi didn't provide any answers, but he did offer some clues. 

First of all, Phil Hughes will be placed in the bullpen for this weekend, Girardi said, explaining that by speaking of the...

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