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Friday Five: Grab bag

We're cheating today. No actual discussion-generating list. Rather, let's use today to catch up on a number of items.

1. The Yankees. They lost their makeup game in Baltimore, their second straight defeat to the O's, and now it's onto Anaheim, starting a three-game series tonight against the Angels, a team that's actually playing for something.

Derek Jeter said, in the story by...

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The Francisco Rodriguez trade

Francisco Rodriguez blows a kiss after picking up

(Credit: Getty Images)

Not a shocker that the Mets traded K-Rod, nor is it a shocker that the Brewers took the plunge. The timing threw everyone off, that's all.

You generally don't expect a trade to get announced moments after the All-Star Game concludes.

Let's go at it: I'm in an enumerating mood this morning:

1. K-Rod's vesting option made his saga one of the more fascinating ones in recent baseball...

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