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Mike Pelfrey, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances and Bryce Harper

The plan is to keep it pretty basic here this week, as I have a great amount of work to do before my departure...for Italy. On Saturday. Long-planned family trip.

--Mike Pelfrey pitched terribly for the Mets on Sunday, and his existence with the Mets is starting to smell like A.J. Burnett's life with the Yankees - minus the exorbitant salary. You get the feeling that Pelfrey is simply never...

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And the Oscars go to...

Oh, how I wanted last night's Oscars to be entertaining. Oy, that went out the window once I saw Billy Crystal's hair color. What was up with that?

In any case, the boredom from last night won't halt our annual tradition of the baseball Oscars. As always, we present these in the order they were presented last night, and we skip the documentaries.

Cinematography: Robinson Cano, who managed...

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