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Fred Wilpon, David Einhorn, the Astros and Jose Reyes

David Einhorn, left, and Fred Wilpon take in

(Credit: David Pokress)

Greetings from Cooperstown, where I haven't been since...less than a month ago. It's a little quieter now, compared to induction weekend. For one thing, there isn't a security guard stationed at the entrance to the Otesaga. 

Maybe there should be, though. When you think about it, there's got to be more collective wealth, easily, in 30 team owners than there were in 50 Hall of Fame players.


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Bud Selig, Michael Weiner and Robinson Cano

I'm busier today than a Christmas tree salesman in December, so I'm just gonna throw a few things at you:

The Baseball Writers Association of America held its annual All-Star Game meeting, and we were fortunate enough to have both commissioner Bud Selig and Players Association executive director Michael Weiner drop by to speak with us. Many issues came up. Here are some of them:


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Robinson Cano's coming-out party

American League's Robinson Cano of the New York

(Credit: AP)

Much like Dr. Simon Finch-Royce once exclaimed of Diane and Sam, "I've grown to hate them" in this "Cheers" episode, I had grown to hate the Home Run Derby. It's generally interminable and just plain dumb, and as I've written before, it seems to be geared towards drunk adults and sober kids.

But last night's Derby reeled me in a little bit, mostly because I know Robinson...

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