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Starting rotation depth, now and then

Reading about Hiroki Kuroda's start yesterday, and watching it on TV, it occurred to me how welcome the Japanese right-hander would've been in Yankees camp a year ago. In light of Cliff Lee opting for the Phillies and Andy Pettitte opting for retirement, Kuroda would have stood as the second starting pitcher, behind only CC Sabathia and ahead of less reliable options like A.J. Burnett, Bartolo Colon...

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What's next? Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and the Yankees

PRINCE FIELDER First base, Milwaukee Brewers 2011: .299,

(Credit: MCT)

The winter meetings is supposed to serve as the Hot Stove League's climax. We work our way up to that week, we have a flood of transactions during the meetings and then we ramp down for the holidays, building up toward spring training when the new year arrives.

This year? It was pretty close to that, when you consider that Albert Pujols (Angels), Jose Reyes (Miami) and C.J. Wilson (Angels)...

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The Angels sign Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson

Good Lord.

The Wilson deal, we saw coming. Pujols? Not so much.

I heard some rumblings about the Angels on Tuesday, but by that time, it seemed like the Pujols Derby was down to the Cardinals and Marlins. And besides, would the Angels - the trailers in recent Hot Stove sweepstakes - really go all out to sign this guy?

The Pujols deal is, of course, crazy. How anyone besides St....

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The new CBA, Mariano Rivera's vocal cords and tonight's arbitration deadline

Here's my news story on the new CBA, and here are my CBA winners and losers. 

The word I used in my news story, to describe the number of changes, was "dizzying." There was so much stuff that I feltl ike I couldn't cover all of it, even in two newspaper stories.

So that's why we have the blog, which I'd like to use this morning as a supplement to the news story and column....

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Overrated and over-hated 2011

Goodness, is it Thanksgiving Eve already? Where does the time go?

We're on year five of this list, and I think it's more relevant than ever. We're so comfortable viewing topics through a black-and-white, great-or-awful prism, and that leads to people, places and things being either overrated or over-hated, rather than being regarded with more nuance.

Which do we overrate, and which do...

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The Yankees and the C.J. Wilson dance

I covered my first general managers' meeting in 2000, skipped 2001 and have been at every gathering since 2002. When I arrived Monday and saw player agent Bob Garber, I smiled.   Garber, who runs one of the smaller shops, usually doesn't come to this set of meetings, which is generally more about laying groundwork than completing deals. This year, though? It was a slam dunk that he'd show up....

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Jose Reyes, Jason Marquis, C.J. Wilson, John Danks and the CBA

Busy day here in Milwaukee. And when I write "Busy day," what I really mean is, "It was incredibly slow until 4:45, when MLB gathered all of the present GMs* and put them in a room to talk to us."

*Because I know you were curious, there are three GMs who aren't here: Oakland's Billy Beane, Texas' Jon Daniels and San Francisco's Brian Sabean. Their respective deputies David...

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A look into my 2011 free-agent predictions

I usually like to release my free-agent rankings and predictions - which I believe pre-date the blog - on the first day of open free agency. This year, that day will be Thursday. I think the feature is a nice way to kick off the unrestricted period, and I like using the days between the end of the World Series and open free agency to do more reporting on this.

So why are we running them today?...

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World Series Game 1 in review, CC Sabathia and Jose Reyes

Apologies for the brief entries this week - it's been mostly Internet-access problems, but also some scheduling. We'll pick things up tomorrow with our final Friday Five of the season.

--Off World Series Game 1, I wrote that C.J. Wilson pitched better than he had previously this postseason, but not better enough to boost his upcoming free-agent portfoiio.

Don't get me wrong; Wilson will...

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The most intriguing people of the second half

New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez (75) throws

(Credit: AP)

The Yankees resume business tonight in Toronto - here are three key storylines and five key dates - while the Mets will hold a workout this evening in preparation for tomorrow's second half opener against the Phillies at Citi Field.Here are the the Mets' five key dates and three storylines.

Let's do one inriguing person per division, starting with the Easts and heading westward on I-80....

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