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Andy Pettitte, Johan Santana and Ryan Braun

The news of the day, of course, was Andy Pettitte's return to the Yankees. I won't even pretend that I saw this one coming. Simply shocking.

Here's my column about it.

--You know it's a busy day in the Yankees' world when Derek Jeter gets shut down for a few days and it's a sidebar.

--In Port St. Lucie, Johan Santana threw his third Grapefruit League start, and the Mets sound...

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Contest: An instructional book about baseball

Hey, I wrote yesterday, "Stop by later for a contest." Today is still "later," isn't it?

"Baseball: How To Play The Game" is an in-house production and publication by Major League Baseball. It's extremely well done in both text and pictures; many of the game's current great players cooperated and contributed. If you're a coach, a helpful parent or a player yourself...

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The Mets' investors and David Aardsma - and there's a live chat tomorrow


(Credit: AP Photo)

First of all: Where will I be 24 hours from now? Live chatting, that's where. You can sign up for an e-mail reminder right on this page.

--Quiet day at Yankees camp. Derek Jeter told a few reporters, including Newsday's Erik Boland, that he knew what Mariano Rivera intends to do after this season - but he wouldn't spill the beans. Look, at this point, we can all safely assume that this'll...

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Jorge Posada's retirement

Duty called yesterday in the form of Jorge Posada's retirement news conference, and as it turned out, I got a bonus of sorts when Prince Fielder ended his free agency in brilliant fashion.

Let's tackle Posada first:

1. The Yankees really went to town for his news conference. My goodness. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Hal and Jennifer Steinbrenner, a video featuring fans. It was something...

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Raul Ibanez and Yu Darvish

Apologies for the profound tardiness this morning. Just a few quick items:

1. I think Johnny Damon would be the best all-around fit for the Yankees' DH opening, factoring in Damon's recent performance and his familiarity with New York, but I wonder whether Damon - who is honest about his desire to reach 3,000 career hits - will try to find a place where he'll get more plate appearances. Baltimore...

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Contest: "The Life You Imagine"

Derek Jeter standing at top of dugout steps

(Credit: Newsday/Paul J. Bereswill)

"The Life You Imagine," by Derek Jeter with Jack Curry, came out all the way back in 2000. So much has happened professionaly to Jeter in the interim.

So consider this one a cool time capsule. Jeter's only first-person version of his life, to this point. With some surprisingly sharp jabs at Chad Curtis, of all people, for the colorful outfielder's public challenge of Jeter back in...

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Comment Winter Olympics: Matt Cain, Derek Jeter and Yankees pitching


It was a quiet week here at the blog. The judges had to look around some to come up with three comments they liked the best.

Without further ado:

--The bronze goes to JE, who offered some data on the discussion point of Matt Cain possibly joining the Yankees as a free agent for the 2013 season:

Cain's career xFIP makes me think that he would not be the best...

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Comment Winter Olympics: Ryan Braun, the Mets and Derek Jeter

We enjoyed another busy pre-holiday week, and the judges had plenty of quality comments from which to choose. Here are their medalists:

--The bronze goes to Bob Tufts, who offered details in the wake of Ryan Braun's appeal of his failed test for illegal PEDs:

According to Jeff Passan, "WADA us(ed) gas chromatography-combustion-isotope ratio mass spectrometry".


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Contest: Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit

MLB Productions is selling a DVD of the Rays-Yankees game in which Derek Jeter tallied his 3,000th hit.  As well as his 2,999th, his 3,001st, his 3,002nd and his 3,003rd.

If you're a Yankees fan, you'll love this. The whole game broadcast is a giant commercial for Yankees love.

If you're not a Yankees fan, you won't like this very much. The whole game broadcast is a giant commercial...

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Overrated and over-hated 2011

Goodness, is it Thanksgiving Eve already? Where does the time go?

We're on year five of this list, and I think it's more relevant than ever. We're so comfortable viewing topics through a black-and-white, great-or-awful prism, and that leads to people, places and things being either overrated or over-hated, rather than being regarded with more nuance.

Which do we overrate, and which do...

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