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Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia and Mets and Red Sox rebounds

Greetings from Toronto, one of our planet's cleaner cities. 

First, your updated playoff brackets:

AL: Yankees (1) vs. Texas (3), Detroit (2) vs. Boston (4).

NL: Philadelphia (1) vs. Arizona (3), Milwaukee (2) vs. Atlanta (4).

Thoughts: The Brewers' victory in Cincinnati, combined with the Diamondbacks' loss in San Diego, put Milwaukee back on top in the see-saw battle...

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The Yankees' bullpen, Daniel Herrera and the September slumber

At the Yankees' victory over Toronto, I wrote about the Yankees' bullpen, which was counted on to be excellent and has lived up to those expectations, albeit with some different names than originally anticipated.

--Joe Girardi stayed mum about his plans for the team's starting rotation, regarding whether A.J. Burnett or Phil Hughes gets thrown overboard. Girardi did say, however, that the...

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CC Sabathia, Francisco Cervelli and the Mets' botched wheel play

Sorry, just the basics this morning:

At the Yankees' victory in Boston, I wrote about CC Sabathia's performance and what it means - as much as we can derive from one game, at least.

The classic question on Sabathia and the Red Sox this season has been, naturally, "Why can't he beat them?!" and all along I've believed the answer to that is, simply, "Because they're...

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Wrapping up the trade deadline

Veteran readers of the blog might remember that August 1 is a very important day here. It's the day, what with the non-waivers trade deadline behind us, that we start to look forward to the playoffs.

If the season ended today, these would be your playoff teams and seeds:

American League: Boston (1) vs. Detroit (3), Texas (2) vs. Yankees (4).

National League: Philadelphia (1) vs....

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