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Jose Reyes, Yu Darvish, Jon Niese, Hiroyuki Nakajima, Jeff Luhnow and Bobby Valentine

Just some quick hits this morning, as we have the Rule 5 draft. When that's done, all of the team officials sprint out of the hotel to make their flights.

I'm scheduled to fly out later tonight, so I should have time to post a wrap-up in the afternoon.

--Here's my column on Jose Reyes, who clearly and understandably was hurt by the way the Mets conducted themselves over the last couple...

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A look into my 2011 free-agent predictions

I usually like to release my free-agent rankings and predictions - which I believe pre-date the blog - on the first day of open free agency. This year, that day will be Thursday. I think the feature is a nice way to kick off the unrestricted period, and I like using the days between the end of the World Series and open free agency to do more reporting on this.

So why are we running them today?...

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Playoff predictions and a contest update

Thanks to everyone who offered kind words these last few days. Now let's get back to work. I'm writing as Game 1 resumes following rain delay number two.

My first-round predictions went quite poorly. I was feeling quite confident when Texas eliminated Tampa Bay, making 1-for-1, and then I saw the other three series go against what I forecast. Yeesh.

But hey, what's the old adage? If...

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Two thoughts on Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera prepares to throw a pitch in

(Credit: Getty Images)

Mariano Rivera is the new saves king. Jim Baumbach wrote that Rivera discussed the end of his career on this glorious day.

Eh. Back in 1999, Rivera told a church full of people in Panama that he would retire after the 2003 season.I hope those folks in the church aren't still waiting for him there, like the guy sitting in the taxi at the end of "Airplane!"

Besides, if Rivera...

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Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia and Mets and Red Sox rebounds

Greetings from Toronto, one of our planet's cleaner cities. 

First, your updated playoff brackets:

AL: Yankees (1) vs. Texas (3), Detroit (2) vs. Boston (4).

NL: Philadelphia (1) vs. Arizona (3), Milwaukee (2) vs. Atlanta (4).

Thoughts: The Brewers' victory in Cincinnati, combined with the Diamondbacks' loss in San Diego, put Milwaukee back on top in the see-saw battle...

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Friday Five: The dead power cord edition

Thanks to those who reached out to me to make sure all was well, vis-a-vis the absence of new posts the past couple of days.

Everything was fine. My power cord died, that's all. I love my iPad, but I've found blogging on that to be more challenging than perhaps even the roommate switch (not that I've ever attempted that one). Therefore, I sat out of the blogosphere until my new power cord...

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Jim Hendry, Francisco Rodriguez, Aaron Laffey and Freddy Garcia

Greetings from Citi Field. I think all the travel this week got to me. I'm coughing and sneezing like I'm tributing Mr. Lippman in this "Seinfeld" episode.

Just a few things:

--The Cubs fired general manager Jim Hendry, an expected move and the right one. Hendry had his shot, as he himself said, and it makes sense that (essentially) second-year owner Tom Ricketts wants...

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Terry Collins, Scott Hairston, CC Sabathia, Joe Girardi, Jose Reyes and Brandon Phillips

At the Mets' victory over Philadelphia, I wrote about the message Terry Collins imparted to his players at a team meeting on Thursday, and the duality that he Mets just try to attain.

Basically, as they continue their rebuildling plan, the Mets can't let their remaining players get affected by the moves being contemplated upstairs.

Scott Hairston, who enjoyed a career day, exemplified...

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The most intriguing people of the second half

New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez (75) throws

(Credit: AP)

The Yankees resume business tonight in Toronto - here are three key storylines and five key dates - while the Mets will hold a workout this evening in preparation for tomorrow's second half opener against the Phillies at Citi Field.Here are the the Mets' five key dates and three storylines.

Let's do one inriguing person per division, starting with the Easts and heading westward on I-80....

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The Francisco Rodriguez trade

Francisco Rodriguez blows a kiss after picking up

(Credit: Getty Images)

Not a shocker that the Mets traded K-Rod, nor is it a shocker that the Brewers took the plunge. The timing threw everyone off, that's all.

You generally don't expect a trade to get announced moments after the All-Star Game concludes.

Let's go at it: I'm in an enumerating mood this morning:

1. K-Rod's vesting option made his saga one of the more fascinating ones in recent baseball...

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