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Joe Torre's big move

Former Yankee manager Joe Torre, above, and former

(Credit: AP, 2011)

Joe Torre has quit his Major League Baseball post to join a group vying for ownership of the Dodgers, MLB announced Wednesday. 

Not a big surprise. Torre's interest in Dodgers ownership goes back to 2010, his final year as manager there, when things already were turning to terrible thanks to Frank McCourt's divorce. However, the expiration of Torre's contract after '10, combined with...

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The Championship Series, Brian Cashman, Jim Riggleman, Bud Selig and Frank McCourt

No big thought today, but a few little ones, so let's go at it Jackie Harvey style.

Item! The Rangers defeat the Tigers in extra innings to capture ALCS Game 2 and jump out to a 2-0 lead.

Erik Boland leads his game story with the anonymous sentiments of a scout who trumpets the greatness of Texas. Two more wins for the Rangers, and they'll be the first repeat American League pennant...

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Friday Five, Part II: Worst owners

Can't really do the best owners (see here) without doing the worst, too, right? Wouldn't be balanced.

Besides, there'll be no Friday Five a week from now, so we'll do two today.

We'll start from the flat-out worst and work our way back towards the best, relatively speaking:

30. FRANK McCOURT, Los Angeles Dodgers

This is an easy one. Despite decent on-the-field results...

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