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Justin Verlander is your AL MVP

Yes, Verlander prevailed in a close race, although not that close.  I didn't have a vote in this one, but if I did, I would've selected Toronto's Jose Bautista first. I probably would've put Verlander second, though, and I would've fully understood as well if Jacoby Ellsbury placed first. It was a close race. Difference of opinion is fun.  On the BBWAA conference call, Verlander said,...

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The eternal debate over the meaning of 'valuable'

New York Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson makes

(Credit: AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

Since we're experiencing a September slumber in Major League Baseball, there probably will be even more discussion than usual of the Most Valuable Player races. Which is fine. Any subject that gets people so fired up is good for business. Many media folks have checked in on this subject, most recently Tyler Kepner with this thoughtful piece, which features the words on the actual ballot that allow...

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Freddy Garcia, Alex Rodriguez, the MVP debate and the NL West

Let's do four items today, in honor of "Four" being the right answer to Thornton Mellon's verbal econ final in "Back to School."

1. If you're the Yankees, what do you do about Freddy Garcia? In his first start following his mysterious kitchen accident, Garcia easily handled the Orioles, leading the Yankees to their second straight victory. The 34-year-old added...

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