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Fred Wilpon, David Einhorn, the Astros and Jose Reyes

David Einhorn, left, and Fred Wilpon take in

(Credit: David Pokress)

Greetings from Cooperstown, where I haven't been since...less than a month ago. It's a little quieter now, compared to induction weekend. For one thing, there isn't a security guard stationed at the entrance to the Otesaga. 

Maybe there should be, though. When you think about it, there's got to be more collective wealth, easily, in 30 team owners than there were in 50 Hall of Fame players.


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A.J. Burnett, Jose Reyes and the late-night draft signings

Hey, look at that! Joe Girardi pulled A.J. Burnett before he blew up - Burnett lasted 5 2/3 innings - and the result was a Yankees victory. 

I don't see how the Yankees can hope for much more than that from Burnett. If they actually need to start him in the playoffs, they should keep exhibiting the quick trigger. With their strong bullpen and offense, it might actually work. It might...

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What will be Jose Reyes' free-agency narrative?

Jose Reyes cools off before the start of

(Credit: AP)

Great column by David Lennon on Jose Reyes, and how the negotiating for his new deal started (unofficially) yesterday.

Every free agency has its own narrative, if you will. A backstory. Some are simple, some are not. But there's always an explanation behind the years and dollars that make up the final contract, and it's not always something that can be anticipated until we actually arrive...

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Jorge Posada, Freddy Garcia, Jose Reyes, Daniel Murphy and Carlos Beltran

A very busy baseball Sunday in New York somehow leads to a Spadafore-style blog entry Monday morning in Boston (before I hop on my train back home). Go figure.

News: The Yankees lose a long, exciting game at Fenway, dropping a game behind the Red Sox in the AL East, yet equally significant news occurs before the game, as Joe Girardi tells Jorge Posada that he won't be the starting DH...

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Six months vs. the bigger picture, starring the Mets and Yankees

Sorry for the absence yesterday. Here are your updated playoff teams and seeds:

AL: Boston (1) vs. Detroit (3), Texas (2) vs. Yankees (4).

NL: Philadelphia (1) vs. Milwaukee (3), San Francisco (2) or Arizona (2) vs. Atlanta (4).

Thoughts: How 'bout those Diamondbacks? Two straight wins over Carlos Beltran's Giants in San Francisco. Kirk Gibson could wind up overtaking Pittsburgh's...

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Seven items: Carlos Beltran, Tropicana Field, the Pirates and four more

Why seven items? Because, as Harlan Williams told Ben Stiller in "There's Something About Mary," "Seven's the key number here. Think about it."

1. Off the Yankees' wacky loss to the Rays, I wrote that the Yankees should seriously consider acquiring Carlos Beltran. 

Right now, it's a serious long shot. How could that change? If the Yankees enter a funk here leading...

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Ike Davis, Steve Garrison and Lenny Dykstra

Pretty quiet here at the Trop, but the game itself will bring some intrigue, as we see whether Bartolo Colon can rebound after two poor outings.

The Yankees did make a move, putting Sergio Mitre (right shoulder tendinitis) on the disabled list and calling up lefty Steve Garrison from Trenton. Garrison gives the Yankees some long-relief protection tonight, as normal long reliever Hector Noesi...

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Ubaldo Jimenez, Jose Reyes, Rafael Soriano, Eric Chavez and the Rays

Greetings from The Trop. I spoke today with a person in the loop on the Ubaldo Jimenez's situation - not a Colorado employee, but someone whose club has been engaged in discussions with the Rockies _ and here was this person's take:

"I think this is just Colorado assessing the market for Jimenez. It's the equivalent of putting a 'For Sale' sign on your house because you're curious...

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Jason Bay, Jose Reyes and Red Sox-Rays

At the Mets' loss to Philadelphia, David Lennon wrote about Jason Bay, who is an albatross once more.

The more you think about the damage the Mets sustained through their actions over the past few years, the more amazing their 2006 season becomes. To me, at least. That increasingly goes down as one of the flukiest seasons in recent baseball history. 

--Jose Reyes will play for the...

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Terry Collins, Scott Hairston, CC Sabathia, Joe Girardi, Jose Reyes and Brandon Phillips

At the Mets' victory over Philadelphia, I wrote about the message Terry Collins imparted to his players at a team meeting on Thursday, and the duality that he Mets just try to attain.

Basically, as they continue their rebuildling plan, the Mets can't let their remaining players get affected by the moves being contemplated upstairs.

Scott Hairston, who enjoyed a career day, exemplified...

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