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All-Star Game: Derek Jeter, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, Francisco Rodriguez and Alex Rodriguez

Greetings from Chase Field, one of my least favorite ballparks. it has the feel of a minor-league park, only without any of the charm. Got plenty to do here, and we have the interminable Home Run Derby coming up in a couple of hours. I have to babysit that. So the news of the day... --As anticipated, Derek Jeter's absence is a hot topic. Major League Baseball players are not pleased that Jeter chose...

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Derek Jeter, Jose Reyes and a tragedy in Texas

Derek Jeter doubled last night, and now he stands two hits away from the 3,000 career mark, as the Yankees lost to Tampa Bay. Neil Best wrote that, in time, we'll forget the "negativity" surrounding Jeter's milestone run. Agreed, and all the more so if the Yankees make the playoffs again. But it could take a little while longer, just because Jeter is under contract through at least...

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Joe Girardi, Derek Jeter, Phil Hughes and Sandy Alderson

Sorry, just a brief one this morning, as I'm traveling back home. --At the Yankees' loss to Cleveland last night, I wrote about Joe Girardi's handling of Derek Jeter. I commended Girardi, as a matter of fact, for heeding Jeter's request to play last night.

Ticket prices for this weekend's series are up, not surprisingly, Neil Best reports. As for Phil Hughes, making his first start since...

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Derek Jeter, Jason Bay, Jose Reyes and R.A. Dickey

At the Yankees' victory over Cleveland, I wrote that it was both sentimental and sensible to rest Derek Jeter today, the final game of this road trip (remember, last weekend at Citi Field technically kicked off the road swing).  Jeter spoke after the game of the "negativity" surrounding his pursuit of 3,000 hits, and what he meant, I think, was, "Why are people asking me about...

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