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Mariano Rivera, A.J. Burnett, Raul Ibanez, Jon Niese and Manny Ramirez

New York Yankees' Mariano Rivera fields a grounder

(Credit: AP )

Sorry for saying I'd check back in yesterday and then never checking back in. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in "Commando," "I lied."

Let's tackle the past 24 hours Spadafore style.

News: Mariano Rivera says he has made a decision about his future beyond 2012, but he won't reveal it.

Views: I wasn't at Steinbrenner Field yesterday, and I spoke with some writers...

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A.J. Burnett, Roy Oswalt and the DH pool

Starting pitcher A.J. Burnett of the New York

(Credit: Getty Images)

Greetings. I hope everyone has been well.

Thanks to the Giants (and congratulations, particularly to Mario Manningham) for occupying so much of the yakosphere (trademark Neil Best), largely taking baseball off the hook.

This is usually the point where I play catch up, but really, we didn't miss much. Very good job by Washington signing Edwin Jackson for just one year; that Nationals...

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Jose Reyes to the Marlins

Jose Reyes (7) of the New York Mets

(Credit: Getty Images)

Sure, there have been a few blips during the last 12 months when we thought, "Hey, Jose Reyes might actually stay with the Mets." But we usually snapped back to our senses quickly, and now, once he passes a physical, Reyes will be a Marlin.

Here's my take, in which I contend that the Mets' recent history of incompetence failed to give them the benefit of the doubt on this decision...

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Bartolo Colon, Jorge Posada, Russell Martin, Chris Capuano and Manny Ramirez

After Bartolo Colon's start last night, it's more evident than ever that his tank is on E, isn't it? Gosh. What do you do with him? See if he can help out of the bullpen for the playoffs? Just thank him and wish him luck in the upcoming WWE season?

At this point, the Yankees' best choice for a Game 3 starting pitcher seems to be... Phil Hughes? If he gets healthy. Game 4, for the second round?...

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Friday Five: July rentals

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is believed to

(Credit: AP Photo)

1. Sagaponack. This Hamptons hideaway, a favorite of megastar Alec Baldwin, features a number of attractive July rentals...

Wait, sorry about that. I got confused. That isn't the sort of "July rentals" I had in mind. 

With the July 31 non-waivers trade deadline approaching - and hey, with Roger Clemens now getting the rest of the summer off - let's use this forum...

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