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Bobby Valentine, Jose Reyes, Mariano Rivera and Heath Bell

Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine puts on

(Credit: AP)

Greetings, and welcome to another edition of "I'm back to work earlier than I said I would be."

Thursday's confluence of events had me in Boston, to cover Bobby Valentine's introduction as Red Sox manager.

Here's my news story on Valentine. I also wrote a column, in which I contended that the Red Sox, in hiring Valentine, validated the panic crowd of Red Sox Nation.


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Two thoughts on Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera prepares to throw a pitch in

(Credit: Getty Images)

Mariano Rivera is the new saves king. Jim Baumbach wrote that Rivera discussed the end of his career on this glorious day.

Eh. Back in 1999, Rivera told a church full of people in Panama that he would retire after the 2003 season.I hope those folks in the church aren't still waiting for him there, like the guy sitting in the taxi at the end of "Airplane!"

Besides, if Rivera...

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Friday Five: The dead power cord edition

Thanks to those who reached out to me to make sure all was well, vis-a-vis the absence of new posts the past couple of days.

Everything was fine. My power cord died, that's all. I love my iPad, but I've found blogging on that to be more challenging than perhaps even the roommate switch (not that I've ever attempted that one). Therefore, I sat out of the blogosphere until my new power cord...

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Friday Five: Worst markets

Security chases a fan of the Tampa Bay

(Credit: Getty)

The Yankees play host to Tampa Bay starting tonight - here's my column on Mariano Rivera from yesterday - while the Mets open a series in Arizona, a coincidence clearly designed by MLB as "New York's tribute to the 1998 expansion teams."

No? No good? As Larry asked Cheryl in this episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"?

Those two clubs have something else in common, however:...

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Perception or reality? The gritty Mets, bad Mariano Rivera and unreliable A.J. Burnett

Sorry for the tardiness this morning.

Yes, it's time to play "Perception or reality?" when we take a look at certain items of discussion in the yakosphere (trademark Neil Best) and determine whether these items are actually occurring or whether they've been manufactured to appear to be something they aren't.

Now please welcome your host, Wink Martindale.

1. "These...

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Jorge Posada, Freddy Garcia, Jose Reyes, Daniel Murphy and Carlos Beltran

A very busy baseball Sunday in New York somehow leads to a Spadafore-style blog entry Monday morning in Boston (before I hop on my train back home). Go figure.

News: The Yankees lose a long, exciting game at Fenway, dropping a game behind the Red Sox in the AL East, yet equally significant news occurs before the game, as Joe Girardi tells Jorge Posada that he won't be the starting DH...

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Carlos Beltran, Cliff Lee and Mariano Rivera

The Mets won an exciting game in Cincinnati. OK, now back to Carlos Beltran.

--Beltran has to approve of a trade by 24 hours before Sunday's non-waivers trading deadline. That doesn't it mean it won't go down to the final moments, however. It just means the Mets and Beltran will have all of their ducks in a row, ready to go, prepared for any scenario.

We've discussed Beltran's preference...

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The Yankees' rainout, the Yankees' All-Star dropouts, another big Mets win and Josh Hamilton

At the rainout of the Yankees' game, I wrote that the Rays were not to blame.

I'm a sucker for minutiae-fueled stories like this one. Here are the basics:

1. Because the Rays already have two split doubleheaders this year - they played one April 28 in Minnesota and they have another one scheduled August 16 in Boston - they had the right to turn down a third split doubleheader. That second...

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Derek Jeter, Jose Reyes and a tragedy in Texas

Derek Jeter doubled last night, and now he stands two hits away from the 3,000 career mark, as the Yankees lost to Tampa Bay. Neil Best wrote that, in time, we'll forget the "negativity" surrounding Jeter's milestone run.

Agreed, and all the more so if the Yankees make the playoffs again. But it could take a little while longer, just because Jeter is under contract through at least...

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Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Roger Clemens and Brandon Webb

In a surprising development, Derek Jeter will be in the Yankees' lineup tonight. Girardi had spoken quite convincingly late Tuesday night of giving Jeter a night off, in the interest of not working him too hard upon his return from the disabled list.

But Jeter apparently talked his way back in. Girardi, to his credit, said that it was hard for him to relate to what Jeter is going through in...

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