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Which of the walk-year all-stars will actually walk?

We put out our annual Walk-Year All-Star team yesterday on Newsday's website. Last year's such squad looked like this:

C: Ramon Hernandez

1B: Albert Pujols

2B: Kelly Johnson

SS: Jose Reyes

3B: Jose Bautista

LF: Josh Willingham

CF: Carlos Beltran

RF: David DeJesus.

DH: David Ortiz.

RHP: Edwin Jackson

LHP: C.J. Wilson


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Comment Winter Olympics: Matt Cain, Derek Jeter and Yankees pitching


It was a quiet week here at the blog. The judges had to look around some to come up with three comments they liked the best.

Without further ado:

--The bronze goes to JE, who offered some data on the discussion point of Matt Cain possibly joining the Yankees as a free agent for the 2013 season:

Cain's career xFIP makes me think that he would not be the best...

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