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Prince Fielder's deal with the Tigers

So much for Scott Boras having a bad winter.

Sometimes when you wait, nothing happens. But sometimes when you wait, something happens. And thanks to Victor Martinez's season-ending injury, Prince Fielder has himself an immense deal with the Tigers.


1. Of course, it's irrational, in the way that any nine-year deal is irrational, especially for a poor-fielding first baseman....

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Friday Five: Best owners

New Boston Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez,

(Credit: AP )

What the hell. I just finished attending the owners' meetings, and we haven't done this since 2008, so is there a better time than the present? Don't think so.

1. JOHN HENRY, Boston Red Sox

This marks the 10th year of the John Henry-Tom Werner-Larry Lucchino triumvurate running the Red Sox, and really, what is the biggest misstep they've made?

Probably the Lucchino-fueled...

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