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Friday Five: Collapses and comebacks

It's been a fun week, hasn't it, what with both wild-card races drawing closer? Yet it also has served as a reminder:

In order to have one of those legendary, down-to-the-wire, regular-season finishes? It takes two to tango.

You need the remarkable surge from Team A. And you need the jaw-dropping slump or at least the significant slowdown, from Team B. Not one. Both.

For instance,...

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Alex Rodriguez, Ivan Nova, the playoff schedule and the alleged Blue Jays' sign-stealers

Greetings from a pleasant night at the Stadium. Just a few items on the docket:

--Alex Rodriguez, rehabilitating down in Tampa, remains on track to play Friday in a minor-league game, and Joe Girardi said that A-Rod should be able to join the Yankees on their road trip next week, starting Monday in Kansas City. Interestingly, though, Girardi said he would guess that A-Rod would not be ready...

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