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Andy Pettitte, Don Mattingly, Jon Niese and the big Madoff case

Gosh, from the way we're covering Andy Pettitte's return, you'd think it was a big deal or something.

--Mariano Rivera helped convince Pettitte to come back, Mark Herrmann writes. Herrmann also writes about Pettitte's impact on the starting rotation, and I think Joe Girardi's quote nails it: Just pitch well and don't worry about it.

It just doesn't make sense to sweat a great deal, for...

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Joe Girardi and AL East verbal warfare

Yankees manager Joe Girardi speaks to reporters prior

(Credit: AP)

Spent a couple of hours yesterday at Yankee Stadium, as the Yankees held a food drive - they say they received a "record-breaking" 109,301 pounds of food - and lured the media there with appearances by Joe Girardi and Robinson Cano.

We led the story with Cano's enjoyment of hitting third - he's got to stay in the number three slot for 2012, doesn't he? - but what stuck with me afterwards was...

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The rainout and its ramifications, CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano

Still here in St. Louis, and yeah, they absolutely could have played Game 6 last night. The rain never advanced past, let's say, a biting drizzle.

But Major League Baseball called an early postponement, and I wrote that it was the right call. 

People will forget shortly that baseball prolonged its season by a day with a questionable read on the weather. But people will never forget,...

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Walking through my suggestions for the 2012 Yankees

CC Sabathia #52 of the New York Yankees

(Credit: Photo by Jim McIsaac)

The reality of my job - and I suppose most jobs - is that not all assignments are fulfilled equally. I have more time to dedicate to some than I do for others.

For instance, I like doing a "How to Fix the Yankees" piece on the day that the Yankees' bigwigs hold their post-mortem at the Stadium. Last year, that occurred on October 25, and I took a car service from Yankee Stadium...

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A wacky night of New York baseball

Gonna do this running diary style...

3:13 a.m.: I'm starting this now because I'm waiting for my ride, Brian Heyman of The Journal News, to finish his work. I don't want to say that Brian is slow, but he makes the old lady answering the phone in "Top Secret!" seem like Carl Lewis.

I began my day in Hackensack, NJ, where I interviewed Robinson Cano with the intention of writing...

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Wrapping up the trade deadline

Veteran readers of the blog might remember that August 1 is a very important day here. It's the day, what with the non-waivers trade deadline behind us, that we start to look forward to the playoffs.

If the season ended today, these would be your playoff teams and seeds:

American League: Boston (1) vs. Detroit (3), Texas (2) vs. Yankees (4).

National League: Philadelphia (1) vs....

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Bud Selig, Michael Weiner and Robinson Cano

I'm busier today than a Christmas tree salesman in December, so I'm just gonna throw a few things at you:

The Baseball Writers Association of America held its annual All-Star Game meeting, and we were fortunate enough to have both commissioner Bud Selig and Players Association executive director Michael Weiner drop by to speak with us. Many issues came up. Here are some of them:


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Robinson Cano's coming-out party

American League's Robinson Cano of the New York

(Credit: AP)

Much like Dr. Simon Finch-Royce once exclaimed of Diane and Sam, "I've grown to hate them" in this "Cheers" episode, I had grown to hate the Home Run Derby. It's generally interminable and just plain dumb, and as I've written before, it seems to be geared towards drunk adults and sober kids.

But last night's Derby reeled me in a little bit, mostly because I know Robinson...

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