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And so we wrap up another season

Congratulations to the Cardinals, your 2011 World Series champions.

I've enjoyed the privilege of covering 15 World Series now, 1996 and then 1998 through 2011. I'd have to say that the two Cardinals' championships, 2006 and this year, rank as the most stunning "September-to-October stories." 

There have been bigger individual upsets, in other words - the Marlins over...

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Friday Five: World Series Game 6

The St. Louis Cardinals' Lance Berkman turns on

(Credit: MCT )

"That's what you're in for, so I've got to say to those of you that have bad hearts, watch yourself."

"Barring weather delays that extend this World Series until next week, this'll wrap up our first year of the Friday Five."

One of these statements was spoken by Ron Washington after Game 2. The other was written by me after Game 2. The first person to match the statement...

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The rainout and its ramifications, CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano

Still here in St. Louis, and yeah, they absolutely could have played Game 6 last night. The rain never advanced past, let's say, a biting drizzle.

But Major League Baseball called an early postponement, and I wrote that it was the right call. 

People will forget shortly that baseball prolonged its season by a day with a questionable read on the weather. But people will never forget,...

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Tony La Russa, the weather and Theo Epstein

Greetings from St. Louis once more. We'll end the baseball season here, although we're not exactly sure when. The weather looks quite shaky tonight.

The good news for the Cardinals is, if Game 6 gets postponed, that gives us another day to discuss Tony La Russa and bullpen phones.

David Lennon covered yesterday's Busch Stadium workout for us, and it sounds like La Russa did everything...

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World Series Game 4 in review, Reggie Jackson and instant replay

There's something very cool - soothing, even - about being at a World Series that's tied at 2-2, as this one now is after Derek Holland's virtuoso performance last night.

When a team grabs a 3-1 lead and you don't have a rooting interest, as should be the case for all media, you're thinking, "All right, if this gets wrapped up in five, then I can go home. Don't have to do that last leg...

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The LCS, the Red Sox's dirty laundry and Yankees GM candidates (for the Angels)

Let's do this morning's post Three Up style, a la Joel Sherman:

1. Off ALCS Game 4, I wrote that the Tigers looked gassed and goofy as they faced elimination today. 

Look, we all absolutely loooove to discuss strategy, all the more so in these postseason games. Love it. The scrutiny, the pressure, the different options. 

But I think Joe Posnanski put it best last year,...

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