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The September Surge, pennant-race propriety, Ozzie Guillen and Sandy Alderson

First, we have new playoff brackets:

AL: Yankees (1) vs. Detroit (3), Texas (2) vs. Boston (4) or Tampa Bay (4).

NL: Philadelphia (1) vs. Arizona (3), Milwaukee (2) vs. Atlanta (4).

Thoughts: Well, since this is our lead item, let's just jump ahead, because we're going to tackle this morning Spadafore style.

News: The Rays defeat the Yankees, and the Red Sox lose to the Orioles,...

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Friday Five: The dead power cord edition

Thanks to those who reached out to me to make sure all was well, vis-a-vis the absence of new posts the past couple of days.

Everything was fine. My power cord died, that's all. I love my iPad, but I've found blogging on that to be more challenging than perhaps even the roommate switch (not that I've ever attempted that one). Therefore, I sat out of the blogosphere until my new power cord...

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Grab bag: Instant replay, Bud Selig and Carlos Zambrano

Just a few items this morning, and then I'll check in later, after Bud Selig speaks with the media.

1) Good story by Erik Boland on what happened in the Yankees-Royals game last night, and conveniently enough, I'm in position to ask both Selig and Joe Torre about Billy Butler's disputed home run today.

For one thing, yes, the umpires should have addressed Dana DeMuth. I'm not sure if...

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What will be Jose Reyes' free-agency narrative?

Jose Reyes cools off before the start of

(Credit: AP)

Great column by David Lennon on Jose Reyes, and how the negotiating for his new deal started (unofficially) yesterday.

Every free agency has its own narrative, if you will. A backstory. Some are simple, some are not. But there's always an explanation behind the years and dollars that make up the final contract, and it's not always something that can be anticipated until we actually arrive...

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CC Sabathia, Jacoby Ellsbury, David Einhorn and the Diamondbacks

Your updated playoff brackets:

AL: Boston (1) vs. Detroit (3), Texas (2) vs. Yankees (4).

NL: Philadelphia (1) vs. San Francisco (3), Milwaukee (2) vs. Atlanta (4).

Thoughts: The Yankees and Red Sox are tied atop the AL East, but in our theoretical "If the season ended today" exercise, you'd give the edge to the Red Sox because of their 9-2 edge in head-to-head play....

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Six months vs. the bigger picture, starring the Mets and Yankees

Sorry for the absence yesterday. Here are your updated playoff teams and seeds:

AL: Boston (1) vs. Detroit (3), Texas (2) vs. Yankees (4).

NL: Philadelphia (1) vs. Milwaukee (3), San Francisco (2) or Arizona (2) vs. Atlanta (4).

Thoughts: How 'bout those Diamondbacks? Two straight wins over Carlos Beltran's Giants in San Francisco. Kirk Gibson could wind up overtaking Pittsburgh's...

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Carlos Beltran, Hiroki Kuroda, Ubaldo Jimenez, Kosuke Fukudome and Hideki Irabu

Greetings from the always lovely Citizens Bank Park. Let's roll through everything:

--The Carlos Beltran trade is official - of course it is. That's why I'm in Philly - and Sandy Alderson, in his telephone news conference - made it clear that Beltran's strong preference was to stay in the National League. Basically, Alderson indicated, the only way Beltran was considering an American League...

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The Francisco Rodriguez trade

Francisco Rodriguez blows a kiss after picking up

(Credit: Getty Images)

Not a shocker that the Mets traded K-Rod, nor is it a shocker that the Brewers took the plunge. The timing threw everyone off, that's all.

You generally don't expect a trade to get announced moments after the All-Star Game concludes.

Let's go at it: I'm in an enumerating mood this morning:

1. K-Rod's vesting option made his saga one of the more fascinating ones in recent baseball...

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The Yankees' rainout, the Yankees' All-Star dropouts, another big Mets win and Josh Hamilton

At the rainout of the Yankees' game, I wrote that the Rays were not to blame.

I'm a sucker for minutiae-fueled stories like this one. Here are the basics:

1. Because the Rays already have two split doubleheaders this year - they played one April 28 in Minnesota and they have another one scheduled August 16 in Boston - they had the right to turn down a third split doubleheader. That second...

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Derek Jeter, Jose Reyes and a tragedy in Texas

Derek Jeter doubled last night, and now he stands two hits away from the 3,000 career mark, as the Yankees lost to Tampa Bay. Neil Best wrote that, in time, we'll forget the "negativity" surrounding Jeter's milestone run.

Agreed, and all the more so if the Yankees make the playoffs again. But it could take a little while longer, just because Jeter is under contract through at least...

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