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Tim Byrdak, David Wright and David Robertson

Apologies for the couple of days of lameness here. I hope to get my act together by tomorrow. --I'm still with the Mets, and yesterday, I wrote about Tim Byrdak's left knee surgery, David Wright's cortisone shot and a Mets bullpen catcher getting arrested for DUI. Yes, it was a busy day for the Mets. Today, we've got Mike Pelfrey pitching against the Cardinals, whose traveling roster is supposed...

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Johan Santana, David Wright, Mariano Rivera, Phil Hughes and the Giants

Just the facts this morning. Well, perhaps a few opinions, too: --In Port St. Lucie, Johan Santana looked good on the mound, and at this stage, you have to evaluate Santana as much as how he looked out there as the results, which were OK. His body language was encouraging. He didn't look like someone holding back, out of fear that something would go wrong. His words, however, are still very measured....

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Story of the day: David Wright

"Story of the Day" is code for "I'm running way late because I had a doctor's appointment this morning, so here's one link for you to discuss." Here's David Lennon's story on his fellow David, David Wright, whose spring is off to an inauspicious beginning thanks ro a rib cage problem. I don't know, so far the Mets' quest to have a healthy spring training isn't going too well....

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Jose Reyes to the Marlins

Jose Reyes (7) of the New York Mets

(Credit: Getty Images)

Sure, there have been a few blips during the last 12 months when we thought, "Hey, Jose Reyes might actually stay with the Mets." But we usually snapped back to our senses quickly, and now, once he passes a physical, Reyes will be a Marlin. Here's my take, in which I contend that the Mets' recent history of incompetence failed to give them the benefit of the doubt on this decision - which...

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CC Sabathia, Citi Field and Tony La Russa

Greetings, everyone! Did you miss me? I missed you. It was an eventful vacation of...about 11 hours. Nah, that's all right. The Yankees' re-signing of CC Sabathia is huge news and - permission to speak freely - makes this winter much easier to cover. Sure, the Yankees have more work to do: Strengthen the starting rotation, find another lefty reliever and explore a trade of Nick Swisher for a starting...

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Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, the sloppy Mets and All-Star break awards

Greetings from Phoenix. I'll be working here the next three days, starting with the Futures Game today. Looking forward to it. Since I had to travel yesterday, I missed Derek Jeter's big day. Wow. Pretty amazing. Congratulations to him. Jeter rose up to the moment, Mark Herrmann writes. In a column I wrote a while ago, in preparation for this, I argued that we should salute Jeter the player, rather...

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