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The Rays, Hal Steinbrenner, Johan Santana and Jason Varitek

Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek wipes a

(Credit: AP)

I spent yesterday at Rays camp, and not surprisingly, I wrote that the Rays remain an impressive operation and a major threat to the Yankees and Red Sox.

One consequence of the Rays' current way of life, that they can't afford a major free agent in his prime, is that you'll never accuse their roster of being too old. They always have a surplus of youth. It undoubtedly helps them slog through...

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Hal Steinbrenner, Yu Darvish, Alex Rodriguez, Sandy Alderson and Frank Francisco

It has been here at the GMs' meetings, which today mophed into the GMs/owners' meetings. The agenda of the actual meetings is more loaded than previous years, according to multiple people, which has led to less work on the baseball operations front.

Fred Wilpon arrived at 11:15 this morning, shook hands of the media members he knew and then said, "You know I have nothing...

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The Yankees and the C.J. Wilson dance

I covered my first general managers' meeting in 2000, skipped 2001 and have been at every gathering since 2002. When I arrived Monday and saw player agent Bob Garber, I smiled.   Garber, who runs one of the smaller shops, usually doesn't come to this set of meetings, which is generally more about laying groundwork than completing deals. This year, though? It was a slam dunk that he'd show up....

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The Championship Series, Brian Cashman, Jim Riggleman, Bud Selig and Frank McCourt

No big thought today, but a few little ones, so let's go at it Jackie Harvey style.

Item! The Rangers defeat the Tigers in extra innings to capture ALCS Game 2 and jump out to a 2-0 lead.

Erik Boland leads his game story with the anonymous sentiments of a scout who trumpets the greatness of Texas. Two more wins for the Rangers, and they'll be the first repeat American League pennant...

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Friday Five: Best owners

New Boston Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez,

(Credit: AP )

What the hell. I just finished attending the owners' meetings, and we haven't done this since 2008, so is there a better time than the present? Don't think so.

1. JOHN HENRY, Boston Red Sox

This marks the 10th year of the John Henry-Tom Werner-Larry Lucchino triumvurate running the Red Sox, and really, what is the biggest misstep they've made?

Probably the Lucchino-fueled...

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Joe Torre, Mike Jacobs, Fred Wilpon and Hal Steinbrenner

One of the most entertaining aspects of my job is watching owners and team executives flee the buliding whenever owners' meetings or general managers' meetings adjourn. It's like the end of the school year in "Grease."

It doesn't matter how nice the locale is, either; here, they stayed at an elegant hotel at the supposed birthplace of baseball. I trailed Hal Steinbrenner basically...

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Six months vs. the bigger picture, starring the Mets and Yankees

Sorry for the absence yesterday. Here are your updated playoff teams and seeds:

AL: Boston (1) vs. Detroit (3), Texas (2) vs. Yankees (4).

NL: Philadelphia (1) vs. Milwaukee (3), San Francisco (2) or Arizona (2) vs. Atlanta (4).

Thoughts: How 'bout those Diamondbacks? Two straight wins over Carlos Beltran's Giants in San Francisco. Kirk Gibson could wind up overtaking Pittsburgh's...

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Ubaldo Jimenez and Yankees past and future

The Yankees are speaking with the Rockies about Ubaldo Jimenez, and Jon Heyman has some good details in this linked story.

Jimenez 2011 has little in common with Cliff Lee 2010. They throw the ball with opposite hands, they come from different countries and most important for the purpose of this conversation, their contract situations have virtually nothing in common. But I can't help but...

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