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Bud Selig's pain tolerance and the Wilpons

So the Mets took out another loan recently - good job by The New York Times - and their money problems are reaching a level of absurdity, are they not?

The Mets, in confirming the loan, said in their statement that “The process for the sale of minority shares in the team continues to go very well." As if that's going to assuage anyone at this point.

What's saving the Wilpons and...

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CC Sabathia, Citi Field and Tony La Russa

Greetings, everyone! Did you miss me? I missed you. It was an eventful vacation of...about 11 hours.

Nah, that's all right. The Yankees' re-signing of CC Sabathia is huge news and - permission to speak freely - makes this winter much easier to cover.

Sure, the Yankees have more work to do: Strengthen the starting rotation, find another lefty reliever and explore a trade of Nick Swisher...

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A look into my 2011 free-agent predictions

I usually like to release my free-agent rankings and predictions - which I believe pre-date the blog - on the first day of open free agency. This year, that day will be Thursday. I think the feature is a nice way to kick off the unrestricted period, and I like using the days between the end of the World Series and open free agency to do more reporting on this.

So why are we running them today?...

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Friday Five: World Series Game 6

The St. Louis Cardinals' Lance Berkman turns on

(Credit: MCT )

"That's what you're in for, so I've got to say to those of you that have bad hearts, watch yourself."

"Barring weather delays that extend this World Series until next week, this'll wrap up our first year of the Friday Five."

One of these statements was spoken by Ron Washington after Game 2. The other was written by me after Game 2. The first person to match the statement...

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The rainout and its ramifications, CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano

Still here in St. Louis, and yeah, they absolutely could have played Game 6 last night. The rain never advanced past, let's say, a biting drizzle.

But Major League Baseball called an early postponement, and I wrote that it was the right call. 

People will forget shortly that baseball prolonged its season by a day with a questionable read on the weather. But people will never forget,...

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World Series Game 1 in review, CC Sabathia and Jose Reyes

Apologies for the brief entries this week - it's been mostly Internet-access problems, but also some scheduling. We'll pick things up tomorrow with our final Friday Five of the season.

--Off World Series Game 1, I wrote that C.J. Wilson pitched better than he had previously this postseason, but not better enough to boost his upcoming free-agent portfoiio.

Don't get me wrong; Wilson will...

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Walking through my suggestions for the 2012 Yankees

CC Sabathia #52 of the New York Yankees

(Credit: Photo by Jim McIsaac)

The reality of my job - and I suppose most jobs - is that not all assignments are fulfilled equally. I have more time to dedicate to some than I do for others.

For instance, I like doing a "How to Fix the Yankees" piece on the day that the Yankees' bigwigs hold their post-mortem at the Stadium. Last year, that occurred on October 25, and I took a car service from Yankee Stadium...

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Joe Girardi's post-mortem

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi speaks during

(Credit: Jim McIsaac)

By my count, there were 31 questioners, many asking multiple and/or follow-up queries, and the session lasted right around 37 minutes.

Not much of interest was said in that time, however. There was too much talk for my liking about how much of a factor luck plays in the postseason, and about whether players are truly clutch or tighten up or whatever.

Yawn. The Yankees played five games...

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CC Sabathia puts himself out there

New York Yankees' CC Sabathia, No. 52, enters

(Credit: John Dunn)

If I didn't love Twitter enough already - it's been well over two years now; I think this relationship has legs - then it proved itself all over again yesterday.

As you can see from this Newsday story, CC Sabathia and his wife Amber responded to my feature on the Sabathias by tweeting their love for New York. Many of the Sabathias' tweeps responded - some with support, others not so much.


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The Yankees, the Phillies and Robin Ventura

I'm hoping this'll be my last "Catch up" blog post for a while.

With that in mind, let's catch up:

1) The Tigers eliminate the Yankees in the ALDS. I've barely looked at the yakosphere (trademark Neil Best) since Thursday night, but just from first-hand conversations with people and some peaks at competitors' backpages, it appears that there's the usual panic in the streets.


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