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My NL Cy Young ballot

Clayton Kershaw is your National League Cy Young Award winner. Congratulations to him.

I wish I had time to write an obnoxiously long breakdown of my ballot, but it's a travel day for me. So here is my ballot, followed by some general thoughts:

1. Roy Halladay, Philadelphia

2. Cliff Lee, Philadelphia

3. Kershaw

4. Cole Hamels, Philadelphia

5. Ian Kennedy, Arizona


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The LCS, Ben Cherington, Yu Darvish and the collective-bargaining agreement

Sorry, this'll be brief. I'm flying to Milwaukee this morning so I can cover tonight's NLCS Game 6 at Miller Park.

--The Rangers eliminated the Tigers in ALCS Game 6 last night, advancing to their second straight World Series. What an amazing story Texas is. To come back after losing Cliff Lee to the Phillies? Pretty darn impressive.

--Back in 2009, I did a blog post titled "Managers...

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Playoff predictions and a contest update

All right, since we're already under way, let's just throw 'em out there:

AL: Yankees over Detroit in 4. Texas over Tampa Bay in 5. Texas over Yankees in 6.

True, you don't want to face Justin Verlander in a 5-game series, and you could argue that the last time these two clubs met in the playoffs - the 2006 ALDS - began as far more of a mismatch, to the Yankees' favor, on paper....

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The Yankees' search for a pitcher, the Red Sox's search for a pitcher, Hunter Pence and the Marlins

Joel Sherman offered his usual strong take today on the Yankees and their search for starting pitching, and I agree with him: No matter how badly the Yankees appear to need help, I can't see them overpaying for Ubaldo Jimenez or Hiroki Kuroda.

I'll contribute one addendum: This is not how July was supposed to proceed for the Yankees. When they whiffed on Cliff Lee and saw Andy Pettitte retire...

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Friday Five: Frequent flyers

Kenny Lofton makes a catch of a ball


Concluding our trade-deadline series, let's look today at notable players who have been dealt mid-season multiple times. It's interesting (to me, at least) to see why players fall into this pattern.


The adage, "Rent, don't buy" should have been invented for him. Granted, part of his reputation comes from the number of times he has been traded overall -...

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Trading to improve your postseason chances

Ubaldo Jimenez of the Colorado Rockies delivers against

(Credit: Getty Images)

That's right. Live chat at noon. I'm expecting an ultra-competitive affair for the coveted Live Chat MVP award.

So the Yankees prevailed over the Rays last night, despite an uninspiring effort from A.J. Burnett, so I wrote my column on the Yankees' pitching situation. Here are the Cilffs Notes of the column: Yes, the Yankees' starting rotation could really use help, but there isn't much...

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Ubaldo Jimenez and Yankees past and future

The Yankees are speaking with the Rockies about Ubaldo Jimenez, and Jon Heyman has some good details in this linked story.

Jimenez 2011 has little in common with Cliff Lee 2010. They throw the ball with opposite hands, they come from different countries and most important for the purpose of this conversation, their contract situations have virtually nothing in common. But I can't help but...

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Terry Collins, Scott Hairston, CC Sabathia, Joe Girardi, Jose Reyes and Brandon Phillips

At the Mets' victory over Philadelphia, I wrote about the message Terry Collins imparted to his players at a team meeting on Thursday, and the duality that he Mets just try to attain.

Basically, as they continue their rebuildling plan, the Mets can't let their remaining players get affected by the moves being contemplated upstairs.

Scott Hairston, who enjoyed a career day, exemplified...

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Friday Five: July rentals

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is believed to

(Credit: AP Photo)

1. Sagaponack. This Hamptons hideaway, a favorite of megastar Alec Baldwin, features a number of attractive July rentals...

Wait, sorry about that. I got confused. That isn't the sort of "July rentals" I had in mind. 

With the July 31 non-waivers trade deadline approaching - and hey, with Roger Clemens now getting the rest of the summer off - let's use this forum...

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