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What's next? Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and the Yankees

PRINCE FIELDER First base, Milwaukee Brewers 2011: .299,

(Credit: MCT)

The winter meetings is supposed to serve as the Hot Stove League's climax. We work our way up to that week, we have a flood of transactions during the meetings and then we ramp down for the holidays, building up toward spring training when the new year arrives.

This year? It was pretty close to that, when you consider that Albert Pujols (Angels), Jose Reyes (Miami) and C.J. Wilson (Angels)...

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And onward to the World Series

So the Cardinals are in, and we've got ourselves the first Cardinals-Rangers World Series in baseball history.

Sure, Major League Baseball and Fox will secretly weep that it isn't Phillies-Yankees. The challenge, as always, is to get the series to a sixth and seventh game to lure the more casual fan. In recent years, that has proven a surprisingly difficult challenge.

Some thoughts:


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Friday Five: Frequent flyers

Kenny Lofton makes a catch of a ball


Concluding our trade-deadline series, let's look today at notable players who have been dealt mid-season multiple times. It's interesting (to me, at least) to see why players fall into this pattern.


The adage, "Rent, don't buy" should have been invented for him. Granted, part of his reputation comes from the number of times he has been traded overall -...

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Carlos Beltran to the Giants, Ubaldo Jimenez, the big Edwin Jackson-Colby Rasmus deal and bad umpiring

I barely paid attention to the Yankees' loss to Seattle, as the Carlos Beltran trade - which will be announced tomorrow - kept me occupied.

First of all, I goofed on Twitter. The key piece the Mets will receive is not outfielder Gary Brown, but rather pitcher Zach Wheeler. It'll be a straight-up, 1-for-1 deal, with the Mets sending $4 million of the roughly $6 million Beltran is owed (hat...

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