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So long, and thank you

Let's wrap things up Spadafore style:

News: I'm leaving Newsday for another opportunity. This will be my last post on this blog.

Views: Well, gosh. Maybe we'll make this just a one-item entry.

I gave notice on Wednesday, March 14, and I've spent much of the time since then tying up loose ends and preparing for my new job, baseball columnist for The New York Post. And when I've...

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Comment Winter Olympics: Mariano Rivera, Gary Carter and Bobby Valentine

As I drove around the state, switching from hotel to hotel, the judges worked diligently to find three award-winning comments.

Here they are:

--The bronze goes to FLong, who offered his or her two cents on Mariano Rivera's likely  retirement after this season:

If Mariano retires, the Yanks should use Soriano as the closer in 2013. Soriano has already been successful...

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Jonathan Papelbon, Sandy Alderson, the Yankees' starting rotation and Gary Carter

Greetings from warm Florida. Wore shorts to work yesterday for the first time in many years down here.

I spent my first day in Clearwater with Jonathan Papelbon, and as he spoke in relaxed fashion, it hit me that Papelbon might have done better than any other free agent this winter. Not in pure dollars, of course, but when you combine all the factors, I think you can make that case. I tried...

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Rest in peace, Gary Carter

Former major-league players gathered at a charity event

We knew this was coming, but it nonetheless stings: Gary Carter passed away yesterday, at the too-young age of 57.

How dynamic was Carter as a player? I grew up in New Jersey, and my brother selected Carter as his favorite player - when Carter was on the Expos. Shoot, we took a family trip to Montreal in 1982 largely so we could see Carter and the Expos play in person. 


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Jorge Posada's retirement

Duty called yesterday in the form of Jorge Posada's retirement news conference, and as it turned out, I got a bonus of sorts when Prince Fielder ended his free agency in brilliant fashion.

Let's tackle Posada first:

1. The Yankees really went to town for his news conference. My goodness. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Hal and Jennifer Steinbrenner, a video featuring fans. It was something...

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Ryan Braun, Gary Carter, Kevin Long, Alex Rodriguez, Rick Peterson and Bobby Valentine

RYAN BRAUN, right fielder The 2011 NL MVP

(Credit: Getty Images)

Thanks to all who attended last night's BBWAA New York chapter dinner in midtown Manhattan. It's always good to see Jim there.

It was a rather eventful evening, to steal the word my Newsday colleague Laura Albanese used. Ryan Braun spoke publicly for the first time since news broke of his failed test for illegal PEDs. As Albanese wrote, Braun - while never specifically addressing the allegations...

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David Einhorn, Gary Carter, Jesus Montero and Alex Rodriguez

So David Einhorn's deal to buy into the Mets is dead, which means that the future of the Mets ownership is once again in question.

First of all, what happened? It didn't take someone as smart as Alex P. Keaton to realize that the talks weren't going well. After all, the two sides announced an agreement on May 26 and expressed hope that it would be finalized by the end of June.


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