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Justin Verlander is your AL MVP

Yes, Verlander prevailed in a close race, although not that close. 

I didn't have a vote in this one, but if I did, I would've selected Toronto's Jose Bautista first. I probably would've put Verlander second, though, and I would've fully understood as well if Jacoby Ellsbury placed first.

It was a close race. Difference of opinion is fun. 

On the BBWAA conference call,...

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Yankees-Tigers Game 2 in review

At the game, I wrote about Alex Rodriguez, who really hasn't looked like himself since, well, the first half of the season.

Of course, A-Rod wasn't the only Yankees hitter who struggled against Max Scherzer yesterday. But he was the only one whom the Stadium crowd booed.

And so have ourselves a series. Game 3 tonight in Detroit, with CC Sabathia and Justin Verlander each making his second...

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Playoff predictions and a contest update

All right, since we're already under way, let's just throw 'em out there:

AL: Yankees over Detroit in 4. Texas over Tampa Bay in 5. Texas over Yankees in 6.

True, you don't want to face Justin Verlander in a 5-game series, and you could argue that the last time these two clubs met in the playoffs - the 2006 ALDS - began as far more of a mismatch, to the Yankees' favor, on paper....

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September Monday, Part II

A week and a half to go in the regular season. Let's get right to it:

Series of the Week: Let's call it a tie between Rays at Yankees (four games from Tuesday through Thursday) and Red Sox at Yankees (Friday through Sunday).

The Red Sox's meltdown, and Tampa Bay's correlating ascension, continue to amaze. Think of the moves Boston made last winter, committing nearly $300 million...

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Your new playoff brackets

AL: Yankees (1) vs. Texas (3), Detroit (2) vs. Boston (4)

NL: Philadelphia (1) vs. Arizona (3), Milwaukee (2) vs. Atlanta (4).

Thoughts: The Tigers' win at Cleveland yesterday, combined with Texas' loss at Tampa Bay, flips our number two and number three seeds in the American League East.

Last year, there undoubtedly was a disparity between the AL Central champs (Minnesota) and...

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Freddy Garcia, Alex Rodriguez, the MVP debate and the NL West

Let's do four items today, in honor of "Four" being the right answer to Thornton Mellon's verbal econ final in "Back to School."

1. If you're the Yankees, what do you do about Freddy Garcia? In his first start following his mysterious kitchen accident, Garcia easily handled the Orioles, leading the Yankees to their second straight victory.

The 34-year-old added...

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A.J. Burnett, a tough day for the Mets, Justin Verlander and the Sunday Insider

The Yankees lost, thanks to an abominable start by A.J. Burnett. Shocker.

Not much more to say on this guy, is there? He'll stay in the rotation this coming week because the Yankees have a doubleheader coming up next Saturday in Baltimore. Beyond that, however, the only way he should be getting starts is for the doubleheader in September against Tampa Bay (yet to be scheduled) and if the club...

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