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Sandy Alderson, Andres Torres, Andy Pettitte and Miguel Cabrera

Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera reacts after getting hit

(Credit: AP Photo/David M Warren)

For the first day of the rest of their lives as Mets owners, the Wilpons and Saul Katz let Sandy Alderson do the talking for them, which is never a terrible idea. Alderson predictably defended his bosses and said that Monday's settlement with Irving Picard wouldn't dramatically change his spending plan.

Well, you know, of course it won't. The Mets still have bills to pay and debts to settle,...

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Annual visceral, small-sample-sized observations from spring training, Part II

Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder puts his

(Credit: AP )

This was a far shorter visit than my first - three days, as opposed to 14, and I focused on the Mets, as opposed to jumping from team to team and piling up oodles miles on the rental car.

Nevertheless, spring training always affords a different, arguably closer look than once we get into the regular season, so I enjoy dissecting what I saw. Away we go:

1. Mets. If you read Terry Collins'...

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Offseason winners and losers: American League

Yes, it's that time of year. There still are some interesting names out there on the free-agent market, but it's time to assess who did what.

As always, we divide our teams (let's do just the American League today) into four categories: Winners, winners with downside, losers with upside and losers.

Here we go:


1. Tampa Bay. As usual. The Rays didn't give up any of...

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Fred Wilpon and Terry Collins

Mets owner Fred Wilpon and Mets co-owner Saul

(Credit: Newsday/Alejandra Villa)

Greetings from Port St. Lucie, spring-training home of your New York Mets. I lucked into a good first day, as principal owner Fred Wilpon spoke while the team took the field for its first full-squad workout.

He didn't offer much new, besides some details on the four-percent shares they are trying to sell (and perhaps will actually finalize someday). Otherwise, he pledged that his family would...

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Phil Hughes and Ruben Tejada - and there's a live chat today

New York Mets second baseman Ruben Tejada #11

(Credit: Christopher Pasatieri)

I have some early, long travel this morning, and then we'll catch up at 3:00 for the live chat. So, very briefly:

--Here's my column on Phil Hughes, from whom the Yankees want a big improvement from last year.

--Hank Steinbrenner, who is not at all involved with the running of the Yankees, spoke about the team.

--Terry Collins complained that Ruben Tejada is not yet in camp, even...

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Mariano Rivera's successors, Johan Santana and the Theo Epstein compensation

New York Yankees' Mariano Rivera fields a grounder

(Credit: AP )

First of all, we'll do a live chat Thursday at 3:00 from sunny Florida. If you want an e-mail reminder, you can sign up here.

It's my first day at Yankees camp, and it's as calm as I anticipated. I spoke with David Robertson, Rafael Soriano, and Brian Cashman about Mariano Rivera's non-announcement announcement from yesterday, and my Newsday teammate Erik Boland spoke with Joe Girardi.


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The Marlins' pursuit of Albert Pujols - and there's a live chat tomorrow

St. Louis Cardinals' Albert Pujols reacts after Game

(Credit: AP)

Here's my proposed gameplan for the 2012 Mets, who will likely begin the season with David Wright aboard. Terry Collins addressed life without Jose Reyes.

The Yankees are indeed interested in Hiroki Kuroda.

Congratulations to the late Ron Santo, a worthy addition to the Hall of Fame. While the Veterans Committee would never admit such a thing, there had to be pressure to elect someone...

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Overrated and over-hated 2011

Goodness, is it Thanksgiving Eve already? Where does the time go?

We're on year five of this list, and I think it's more relevant than ever. We're so comfortable viewing topics through a black-and-white, great-or-awful prism, and that leads to people, places and things being either overrated or over-hated, rather than being regarded with more nuance.

Which do we overrate, and which do...

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The wild-card races, the Madoff ruling, Terry Collins and the Yankees' move to Newark

First, your new playoff brackets:

AL: Yankees (1) vs. Detroit (3), Texas (2) vs. Boston (4) or Tampa Bay (4).

NL: Philadelphia (1) vs. Arizona (3) or St. Louis (4), Milwaukee (2) vs. Arizona (3) vs. Atlanta (4).

Thoughts: Eh, let's just deal with it below. Again, it's our lead item.

After extensive consultation with my attorney, I've determined that is legal to go Spadafore...

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Friday Five: The dead power cord edition

Thanks to those who reached out to me to make sure all was well, vis-a-vis the absence of new posts the past couple of days.

Everything was fine. My power cord died, that's all. I love my iPad, but I've found blogging on that to be more challenging than perhaps even the roommate switch (not that I've ever attempted that one). Therefore, I sat out of the blogosphere until my new power cord...

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