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Tony La Russa, Scott Boras, Phil Hughes and Kevin Mulvey

Greetings from Port St. Lucie. I'll be here for a few days serving as Newsday's Mets beat writer. So the blog might be a little Mets-centric. Then again, it might not.

--For my Sunday Insider, I wrote about Tony La Russa, Scott Boras, Jim Leyland and Joe Maddon, and as a token of corporate solidarity, I offered my picks for best and worst Yankees and Mets moves of all time - to correlate with...

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Annual visceral, small-sample-sized observations from spring training

Philadelphia Phillies' Jonathan Papelbon throws during practice at

(Credit: AP)

Upon returning home from my first visit to spring training, I always enjoy checking in with some mental snapshots, mindful that what I took away could prove to be hugely significant or, far more likely, wholly irrelevant. Here is last year's entry. I forgot that I had Johnny Damon on the record acknowledging how important reaching 3,000 career hits was.

Some spring trainings, I'll spend almost...

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Comment Winter Olympics: Fred Wilpon, Tony La Russa and Dale Sveum

Yes, 'tis the season once more for Comment Winter Olympics, the weekly offseason endeavor (on Fridays, when I'm on the clock) that rewards you, the reader/commenter, for contributing insight, irreverence or even a good insult to our little community here.

The judges, having enjoyed their eight-month respite and just as surprised by the rest of us by the Cardinals' World Series title...

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CC Sabathia, Citi Field and Tony La Russa

Greetings, everyone! Did you miss me? I missed you. It was an eventful vacation of...about 11 hours.

Nah, that's all right. The Yankees' re-signing of CC Sabathia is huge news and - permission to speak freely - makes this winter much easier to cover.

Sure, the Yankees have more work to do: Strengthen the starting rotation, find another lefty reliever and explore a trade of Nick Swisher...

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The rainout and its ramifications, CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano

Still here in St. Louis, and yeah, they absolutely could have played Game 6 last night. The rain never advanced past, let's say, a biting drizzle.

But Major League Baseball called an early postponement, and I wrote that it was the right call. 

People will forget shortly that baseball prolonged its season by a day with a questionable read on the weather. But people will never forget,...

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Tony La Russa, the weather and Theo Epstein

Greetings from St. Louis once more. We'll end the baseball season here, although we're not exactly sure when. The weather looks quite shaky tonight.

The good news for the Cardinals is, if Game 6 gets postponed, that gives us another day to discuss Tony La Russa and bullpen phones.

David Lennon covered yesterday's Busch Stadium workout for us, and it sounds like La Russa did everything...

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World Series Game 5 in review

Gonna make this brief, because we have a very busy travel day ahead:

--At Game 5, I wrote about Tony La Russa and his absolutely abysmal night. So many wrong calls and, if we're to believe La Russa from his post-game news conference, some slapstick hijinks, as well.

I've heard of problems with the bullpen phone before, but nothing like this. No previous instances in which the message...

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And onward to the World Series

So the Cardinals are in, and we've got ourselves the first Cardinals-Rangers World Series in baseball history.

Sure, Major League Baseball and Fox will secretly weep that it isn't Phillies-Yankees. The challenge, as always, is to get the series to a sixth and seventh game to lure the more casual fan. In recent years, that has proven a surprisingly difficult challenge.

Some thoughts:


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The LCS, Ben Cherington, Yu Darvish and the collective-bargaining agreement

Sorry, this'll be brief. I'm flying to Milwaukee this morning so I can cover tonight's NLCS Game 6 at Miller Park.

--The Rangers eliminated the Tigers in ALCS Game 6 last night, advancing to their second straight World Series. What an amazing story Texas is. To come back after losing Cliff Lee to the Phillies? Pretty darn impressive.

--Back in 2009, I did a blog post titled "Managers...

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Friday Five: The dead power cord edition

Thanks to those who reached out to me to make sure all was well, vis-a-vis the absence of new posts the past couple of days.

Everything was fine. My power cord died, that's all. I love my iPad, but I've found blogging on that to be more challenging than perhaps even the roommate switch (not that I've ever attempted that one). Therefore, I sat out of the blogosphere until my new power cord...

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