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Jason Bay, Bengie Molina and the Yankees' starting pitching

Top of the holiday week to you! I'll be here all week, seeing if the Mets can get some closure on their pursuits of Jason Bay and Bengie Molina. As I wrote in the linked story, the two players are attached to each other, in the Mets' minds. If Bay signs, the Mets will not bend on the Molina negotiations. But if Bay goes elsewhere, the Mets _ who are convinced that Molina will boost their offense _ will be more open-minded in the Molina talks.


--The Yankees have one more piece to add, and that's a starting pitcher. They know this, by the way. I love all of these media proclamations, "Don't the Yankees realize they need another starting pitcher?!" Yes, they do.

My sense is, as aggressive as they were in getting Curtis Granderson, Nick Johnson and Andy Pettitte on board, they'll go the other direction here. They don't love any of the options out there, so there's no reason to overpay.

Instead, they'll see who lingers and lowers his price.

Ben Sheets? He's a possibility, but right now, "He's not even on the board," as a person in the Yankees' loop put it, because questions remain about Sheets' health.

Chien-Ming Wang? Stop asking about him. He's not coming back.

All you need to know is that the Yankees, before they non-tendered him, offered Wang a minor-league contract and nothing more. It's not like they said, "We'll give you a 20-percent pay cut (the maximum allowed under the collective bargaining agreement), and then incentives to get you back up to good money." They wouldn't even offer him a roster spot.

--That's all I have for now, but check back in later. Ryota Igarashi is having a conference call, and in the holiday spirit, let's do a BOOK GIVEAWAY CONTEST - LATER TODAY!!!




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