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Jose Reyes, Freddy Garcia and Brian McNamee

Jose Reyes of the Miami Marlins looks on

(Credit: Getty)

The Mets saw Jose Reyes for the first time since Reyes joined the Marlins. The unbalanced schedule makes it particularly interesting when a player changes teams within his division, and I wonder if Reyes' frequent visits to Citi Field in a Marlins uniform will ever feel normal for Mets fans.

Johnny Damon came to Fenway Park for nine games a year with the Yankees from 2006 through 2009, right...

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The Mets' revenues, Ike Davis, the Tigers and the extra wild card

Very quickly this morning:

--Great story by Jim Baumbach and Randi Marshall on the Mets' declining revenues.

--Ike Davis likely has Valley Fever.

--I wrote a column about the Tigers' new infield arrangement.

--Here's my column on the extra wild card.

--Here's my Sunday Insider, which features items on B.J. Upton, Yadier Molina, Johnny Damon and John Lannan.


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Is this a nuclear winter for the unemployed DH club?

Guerrero was released by the Blue Jays on

(Credit: Getty)

Brian Cashman noted the other day that all of the unemployed DHs out there - most notably Johnny Damon, Vladimir Guerrero and Hideki Matsui - were waiting on the Yankees to decide what they were doing there.

Sure, most players desire to play for the Yankees - they offer a great chance to qualify for the postseason and good off-the-field earning opportuniites - but that situation reflects how...

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Yoenis Cespedes and A.J. Burnett

Two thoughts this morning:

1. The A's signed Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes to a four-year, $36-million contract, and when the news broke, I flashed back to comments that Scott Boras made about a year ago, to Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal, concerning the Oakland franchise:

“When teams recruit against the Oakland A’s, they say, ‘Why do you want to play in an empty park?’ It’s not about...

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A.J. Burnett, Roy Oswalt and the DH pool

Starting pitcher A.J. Burnett of the New York

(Credit: Getty Images)

Greetings. I hope everyone has been well.

Thanks to the Giants (and congratulations, particularly to Mario Manningham) for occupying so much of the yakosphere (trademark Neil Best), largely taking baseball off the hook.

This is usually the point where I play catch up, but really, we didn't miss much. Very good job by Washington signing Edwin Jackson for just one year; that Nationals...

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Raul Ibanez and Yu Darvish

Apologies for the profound tardiness this morning. Just a few quick items:

1. I think Johnny Damon would be the best all-around fit for the Yankees' DH opening, factoring in Damon's recent performance and his familiarity with New York, but I wonder whether Damon - who is honest about his desire to reach 3,000 career hits - will try to find a place where he'll get more plate appearances. Baltimore...

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The Yankees' internal and external DH calculations

In 2008, Montero was invited to spring training

(Credit: Newsday / Audrey C. Tiernan)

Brian Cashman has been the Yankees' general manager for nearly 14 full years now, the last six as the bona fide head of baseball operations following eight years of Steinbrenner-esque chaos. At this point, we all have a pretty good feel for how he operates when there's a void to fill.

In dramatically filling one void late last week, adding Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda to the Yankees' starting...

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Friday Five: Yankees-Red Sox rivalry two-timers


(Credit: File)

We did "Yankee/Mets (or "Met/Yankees") last month, and with the Yankees taking on the Red Sox starting tonight, I can't think of a better time to examine those who made an impact with both teams in the historic rivalry.

It's a fundamentally different list than our previous one, for this reason: The people on the Yankee/Met (or Met/Yankee) list are beloved or at least admired...

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Heath Bell and the draft-pick compensation bluff

To be clear, I think the Padres will probably trade Heath Bell. The Rangers, Phillies and Cardinals all seem like they have enough motivation to get something done there.

But I do think it's worth noting that the Padres' message, standard for teams shopping players in their walk years - "We can just keep the guy and get the draft picks this winter" - has more merit than usual.


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The case of the disappearing DH

Hideki Matsui homered for the 500th time as a professional, counting both Japan and Major League Baseball, as the A's beat the Tigers in Detroit.

It's a great accomplishment for Matsui, and as Jane Lee points out in her story for, it surely meant more to him because it helped Oakland pick up a rare victory. Yet it also has to be bittersweet, not only because the A's are terrible, but...

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