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The Rays, Hal Steinbrenner, Johan Santana and Jason Varitek

Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek wipes a

(Credit: AP)

I spent yesterday at Rays camp, and not surprisingly, I wrote that the Rays remain an impressive operation and a major threat to the Yankees and Red Sox.

One consequence of the Rays' current way of life, that they can't afford a major free agent in his prime, is that you'll never accuse their roster of being too old. They always have a surplus of youth. It undoubtedly helps them slog through...

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CC Sabathia, Francisco Cervelli and the Mets' botched wheel play

Sorry, just the basics this morning:

At the Yankees' victory in Boston, I wrote about CC Sabathia's performance and what it means - as much as we can derive from one game, at least.

The classic question on Sabathia and the Red Sox this season has been, naturally, "Why can't he beat them?!" and all along I've believed the answer to that is, simply, "Because they're...

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