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Red Sox-Yankees rainout notes

Greetings from a wet Yankee Stadium. Thankfully, the game has been called, given the horrible forecast, and there'll be a day-night doubleheader on Sunday.

I spent some time in the Red Sox clubhouse, and it was pretty empty, but those around didn't show too much concern with their behavior. Dustin Pedroia, always lively, talked trash to a pair of diminutive Latino reporters who were hanging...

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Jose Reyes, Ruben Tejada, A.J. Burnett and wild-card race updates

Good story by David Lennon on Jose Reyes and Ruben Tejada, who will work out together this winter even though they might not be teammates anymore next year.

Not much more to say on the Reyes front right now. The 22 non-playoff teams will take October to start formulating gameplans for the winter - and even the eight playoff teams will multi-task - and we'll see how strong the market is for...

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The Yankees' bullpen, Daniel Herrera and the September slumber

At the Yankees' victory over Toronto, I wrote about the Yankees' bullpen, which was counted on to be excellent and has lived up to those expectations, albeit with some different names than originally anticipated.

--Joe Girardi stayed mum about his plans for the team's starting rotation, regarding whether A.J. Burnett or Phil Hughes gets thrown overboard. Girardi did say, however, that the...

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Phil Hughes, Lucas Duda and Barry Bonds

At the Yankees' loss to the Red Sox, I wrote that the Yankees should keep Phil Hughes in their rotation and eject A.J. Burnett as soon as possible.

I just don't see the point in retaining Burnett. Even if he threw a shutout every time between now and the end of the regular season - and that ain't happening, anyway - would you really feel confident about him taking the ball in a playoff start?...

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Catching up: Irene, Derek Jeter, Jose Reyes and Jim Thome

Greetings, everyone. Thoughts and prayers to any and all of you who were impacted by Irene. 

I ordinarily pay less attention to action during my vacation week, and of course, that went double this time, what with pretty much everyone focused on other matters. So let's get up to date on the largest matters of the past nine days.

First of all, just one change in the playoff brackets:


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A.J. Burnett, a tough day for the Mets, Justin Verlander and the Sunday Insider

The Yankees lost, thanks to an abominable start by A.J. Burnett. Shocker.

Not much more to say on this guy, is there? He'll stay in the rotation this coming week because the Yankees have a doubleheader coming up next Saturday in Baltimore. Beyond that, however, the only way he should be getting starts is for the doubleheader in September against Tampa Bay (yet to be scheduled) and if the club...

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Jim Hendry, Francisco Rodriguez, Aaron Laffey and Freddy Garcia

Greetings from Citi Field. I think all the travel this week got to me. I'm coughing and sneezing like I'm tributing Mr. Lippman in this "Seinfeld" episode.

Just a few things:

--The Cubs fired general manager Jim Hendry, an expected move and the right one. Hendry had his shot, as he himself said, and it makes sense that (essentially) second-year owner Tom Ricketts wants...

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Grab bag: Instant replay, Bud Selig and Carlos Zambrano

Just a few items this morning, and then I'll check in later, after Bud Selig speaks with the media.

1) Good story by Erik Boland on what happened in the Yankees-Royals game last night, and conveniently enough, I'm in position to ask both Selig and Joe Torre about Billy Butler's disputed home run today.

For one thing, yes, the umpires should have addressed Dana DeMuth. I'm not sure if...

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A.J. Burnett, Jose Reyes and the late-night draft signings

Hey, look at that! Joe Girardi pulled A.J. Burnett before he blew up - Burnett lasted 5 2/3 innings - and the result was a Yankees victory. 

I don't see how the Yankees can hope for much more than that from Burnett. If they actually need to start him in the playoffs, they should keep exhibiting the quick trigger. With their strong bullpen and offense, it might actually work. It might...

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Loose strands: A.J. Burnett, the sinking Mets, Carlos Zambrano and Logan Morrison

Apologies for no post yesterday, and even more so for not engaging with the commenters these last few days. For some reason, I haven't been able to access the comments.

Man, I feel like I'm leading the league in apologies this month.

Anyway, a few items today:

--With the Yankees getting rained out, I wrote about A.J. Burnett, and what should be done with him. Ultimately, I think...

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